Sunday, July 27, 2008


This will be a random post to wrap up a few loose ends and answer a couple of questions.

Several people have asked how Vivian is doing. Vivian started on a new medicine (Keppra) last Saturday (this was an addition to the medications she already takes). Right now Vivian is taking half of the recommended dose. In two weeks we will have blood work done and then return to the neurologist and see if he thinks we should increase the dose. I think Vivian may have had two seizures this week (I'm basing that on the nights she wet her bed - that typically only happens if she has a seizure). That's a big improvement over what we'd been seeing. But she is very irritable (see the Family Fun Day post below) and is sleeping entirely too much. I may call Dr. Riela tomorrow and make sure those side effects are expected as Vivian's body adjusts to the new medicine.

On another note, our day was salvaged yesterday because our favorite fellow movie-lovers, Donna and Reid, came over last night. They brought along several boxes of fabulous pizza, we opened a bottle of wine and we adjourned to our third floor to watch In Bruges. We all liked it a lot, though it is definitely not mainstream fare.

Today was spent shopping with Dots to get her ready to leave for camp next weekend. Dots loves to shop, so keeping her focused on the items on our list when there are all sorts of tempting fall clothes on display is not an easy task. I was also trying (largely unsuccessfully) to get Hockey Boy to think about packing for Ireland since he leaves for a Boy Scout Jamboree outside Dublin on Tuesday.

Erin asked about where Family Fun Day was yesterday. It was held in the exotic locale that serves as the parking lot of Robert's office building. Robert is presently working in Fort Worth - about 50 miles from our house - so we spent a lot of time in the car for all the *fun* we had.

More on Germany tomorrow. If any of my friends or family saved a copy of the last email I sent home from Germany a year ago, I would appreciate your forwarding it to me. The report on my computer abruptly stops after Munich.

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JoAnn said...

Your "final installment from GErmany" e-mail which you sent me last August is on its way to you.

"In Bruges" is on my list of movies to see. We have crappy ON DEMAND here but there are actually THREE new movies that I want to see that are available.