Sunday, July 6, 2008

Super Scooter.

Vivian received a new tricycle for her birthday.  


She was not excited about it when it arrived and kept saying, "I like my old trike.  My old trike is perfect," in spite of the fact that her knees hit the handlebars on the old tricycle, making it difficult to ride.

We began referring to the new trike as her *scooter,* and now she loves it.  We have been going on frequent walks around our neighborhood, and Vivian peddles and steers her *scooter* quite well.  She also receives a lot of compliments on it (though she is quick to correct anyone who calls it her *trike*).  It's been popular with Will and Dots' friends too!

Vivian on her new *scooter* with "Sam" the stuffed dog and his leash along for the ride.

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