Saturday, July 26, 2008

Family fun day.

Robert's office hosted a 'Family Fun Day' today.

I had loaned Hockey Boy my camera because he was working on his Eagle project (yes, even that was preferable to 'Family Fun Day' in Hockey Boy's mind, believe it or not), thus I have no pictures from the big event. If I were talented like Bossy, I would include some cute computer drawings to illustrate our day, but I am not that clever and I am completely exhausted, so you'll have to use your imagination.

Picture a large expanse of unshaded concrete in the middle of nowhere with a smattering of games and an inflatable slide. Zero in on a thermometer reading 105ยบ (I am not sure what the temperature was in the shade; oh, that would be because there was no shade). Now envision Robert trying to coax Vivian out of the holly bushes where she has run and laid down and screamed for 30 minutes because she wants no part of family or fun today. Imagine Dots and me pleading with Robert to let us all go home now that Vivian has emerged from the bushes. Got the picture?

Hockey Boy is looking like a visionary.


JoAnn said...

oh, my, I think a day in hell sounds like fun compared to your day!


Erin said...

OK, that sounds like it stinks! Bob wants to know where you were. Probably so he will make sure we never go there! :-)

Marian said...

I want to see Hockey Boy's pictures to affirm his designation as a "visionary"!