Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vivian's test, update 2.

Success! The tech told Vivian she broke the record for longest time getting electrodes attached, but we finally have them all in place. At one point Vivian calmed down all of a sudden and commented, "Daddyman will love my hair!"

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my dear friend Priscilla who brought me lunch around noon and got caught up in the worst of the drama and only just left. She was a huge help - both physically and emotionally - as she assisted in distracting and restraining Vivian as well as offering encouragement and support to me. Everyone should be blessed with such a friend.

The hospital has a fantastic collection of 20-year-old VHS tapes, which luckily are highly appealing to Vivian. She's currently completely enthralled watching Wee Sing Sillyville, a close cousin to her all-time favorite, Big Rock Candy Mountain (according to Hockey Boy, the worst video ever created).

I had no problems getting Wifi to work here but am unable to upload pictures. I will keep trying as I've taken several that really "capture the moment."


Anonymous said...

The electrodes are on - yippee! Hang in there Eloisqueeze - hopefully you guys will get something helpful for the doctors tonight when Vivian goes to sleep. Then maybe they will spring you out of the hospital/jail tomorrow. I am thinking of you & sending lots of love since I can't be there in person to help!

Erin said...

Oh Eloise, I'm so sorry that you went through that today! You both have been in my thoughts and prayers all day long. I'll be checking your blog and praying that I see the words that it is over sooner rather than later.

Much love and give Vivian a hug from us!