Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good Read.

Having spent the past four months slogging through War and Peace, I have been eager to attack some of the other books calling to me from Mount TBR (To Be Read) next to my bed.

I was so glad to finish War and Peace, however, that I failed to appreciate the amazing achievement of its complexity in storytelling and character development until the next couple of books that I read fell woefully flat in comparison. I wondered when I would find a book that was engaging and well-constructed but didn't require enormous dedication on my part to complete.

Yesterday my friend Kathy brought me a book before our morning walk and raved about how much her Book Club had enjoyed it. The book was Loving Frank by Nancy Horan (her first novel). It is the fictionalized account of the relationship between Frank Lloyd Wright and the wife of one of his clients and the tragedy that ensues in the wake of their affair.

I emailed Kathy late yesterday saying, "You're in trouble. I actually had some things I needed to accomplish today but instead I have been unable to tear myself away from this book!" Had I not accepted an invitation to a party with some neighbors and had I enjoyed one or two fewer glasses of wine at said party, I would have finished the book last night. Instead that pleasure awaited me when I awoke this morning.

Highly recommended.

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Erin said...

OK, I am adding this to my list. It looks amazing - exactly what I like to read. I'm off to add it to Amazon wish list.

See you in a few hours!