Thursday, July 10, 2008


We had a family picture taken last month of my mother-in-law with her children and grandchildren. The photographer came to our house as I thought that would be the easiest for Vivian.

I dressed Vivian and fixed her hair, but when it came time to go downstairs, she pulled off her clothes, put on her Rudolph pajamas and crawled under her bed crying and screaming. We eventually took the picture without Vivian and left a space next to me on the sofa for the photographer to Photoshop her in.

After the crowd dissipated, I coaxed Vivian out from under the bed and convinced her to put on some clothes. She wanted no part of the outfit I'd bought for her to wear in the picture, but she agreed to don her favorite Dumbo t-shirt, which thankfully was light blue and matched the general color scheme. Somehow she neglected to notice that I put the shirt on her backwards so that the Dumbo logo did not show.

Vivian walked downstairs and posed beautifully by herself in the living room. Amazingly, this was the result:


You'd never know the girl in this picture could be capable of causing such a ruckus only a half an hour before!

Dots also had her picture taken. She wasn't happy about the dress I chose for her solo shot (though she was crazy about it when she talked me into purchasing it!). She didn't want to smile, but I thought her portrait turned out well too.



JoAnn said...

WOW, what beauties. Just like their mom.


Liz Harrell said...

Ah yes, the drama of daughter-related photos. I think mom managed to get one decent photo of all three of us before I left for college. :)

They're beautiful girls, I know you're so proud.

Mary Alice said...

They are so pretty. Why is picture time always so hard? There is always one member of the family with their nose out of joint.

Rachel said...

The pictures turned out beautiful! I totally understand the ruckus causing to sweet child transition!

I did get your comment with email last week (or the week before), but summer has been so crazy I haven't had time to sit down and write a good email yet!


Anne-Murray said...

Your girls are beautiful! I'm amazed at how you always are able to get that great picture. I miss you all and hope to see you soon.