Friday, July 18, 2008

Praise God!

News flash: Vivian just had a seizure!

I met my friend Ginger when our sons played travel hockey together last year. Ginger endeared herself to me immediately because she reached out to Vivian the first time Vivian accompanied me to a practice, and throughout the year Ginger made a point to ask about Vivian and to let me know that she prayed for her regularly. Several times Ginger has sent me a text message out of the blue checking on Vivian, and almost always, these messages have come on a day that Vivian has had an episode (like a seizure or a broken nose). I commented to Ginger that I thought she had some sort of 'connection' to Vivian.

This morning Ginger texted me to check on us. She caught me feeling rather low and I pounced on her offer to come visit and bring lunch. Ginger arrived right as Vivian was falling asleep. Ginger noticed that the monitoring camera in our room was not focused on Vivian, and she went out to ask the tech to redirect it. Then Ginger returned thanks for our food and prayed for Vivian. About 15 minutes later, Vivian experienced the long-awaited seizure.

Ginger humbly refers all the credit to God, but I thank Ginger for allowing God to use her in Vivian's life. I offer heartfelt praise and thanks to God for my friend Ginger and for allowing this seizure to be recorded. I pray that the episode will yield some useful information.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! I am hoping you and Vivian will be having dinner (and some wine for you) at home tonight. Being in the hospital is akin to being a hostage in my book - you can't leave and you have very little control of what is going on. Sending good thoughts to you all!

kelly o'connor said...

I'm so glad! The power of prayer firsthand--thank you for sharing with us!!!

Love to all of you!