Thursday, July 3, 2008

Adventures with Guinn, part III.

When we last left our raven-haired heroine, she was experiencing the thrill of being in a children's dentist's waiting room when she didn't have to see the dentist herself.  Unbelievably, since then, things have gotten even more exciting...

What would a visit to Dallas be without a trip to the mall?  

The girls and I went shopping on Tuesday.  Each of them picked out a couple of cute t-shirts at Nordstrom, 


then we made the requisite stop at Limited Too.

That evening, Dots wanted to take Guinn to HER favorite restaurant.  Vivian had fallen asleep and Hockey Boy was in search of a higher level of companionship, so Robert stayed home with Vivian while the girls and I set off for Tokyo Hana.  


Our chef was very entertaining, and we enjoyed a good meal in a festive atmosphere.


Wednesday we returned to the Arts District downtown to visit the Dallas Museum of Art.  


The girls loved this Chihuly sculpture. 

They were also impressed with this recreation of Wendy Reves' bedchamber,

as well as the painting by Van Gogh in her foyer.

We also went to the Nasher Sculpture Center. 



I was impressed with how much the girls enjoyed these venues.  They especially liked listening to the "family commentary" on the audio guide at the Nasher.


Wednesday afternoon my sweet friend Ricca came to the house and painted our nails.  


Guinn chose red, white and blue.  Dots wanted only red because the dress and top she plans to wear on the Fourth of July will provide the blue and white.


Last night we ate at Vivian's favorite restaurant.  


We dine there often because the owner and staff know our family and are always so kind and welcoming.  We are also able to park right in front of our outside table so that Vivian can escape to the car intermittently if she starts to melt down, while the rest of us can enjoy dining al fresco.  Vivian did really well Wednesday night, though; she really likes her new Maclaren Special Needs stroller.

These outstanding photos were taken with my cell phone camera.

On the way home we stopped for gelato.  Aunt Mair, we wish you were here!


Today we shopped at Cotton Island (another favorite from SMU days)


and then returned to the mall to take in another movie.  The girls' choice this time was Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, which was delightful.  


In a shocking change of pace we ate at home tonight.  Guinn didn't think I even knew how to cook!  At Dots's request we had "Make Your Own Pizza Night."  


The girls helped me make the dough and tomato sauce earlier today, and then everyone hand-tossed their own round of dough and added the toppings they wanted before placing their pizza in the oven.


Hockey Boy even invited two of his friends to join us, and they seemed to enjoy the process too.


It all went very well until Vivian decided to pour her glass of water into Guinn's plate, soaking the pizza and corn on the cob before Guinn had even had a bite {sigh}.  Guinn's pizza and corn became Vivian's (after Vivian returned from Time Out), and Guinn honed her culinary skills and prepared a second pizza for herself.


Never a dull moment around here!

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