Monday, July 19, 2010

Update on Vivian - 7/19

Vivian going for a stroll with her Daddyman and her nurses Kara and Ronelle

Vivian was very alert today. She said "Ow" a lot, but her complaints seemed to rooted in annoyance rather than in pain. While in ICU Vivian has to have an oxygen monitor on her finger and a blood pressure cuff on her leg, and she abhors both.

Vivian was out of bed once today for a promenade around the PICU in her stroller. Vivian seemed to enjoy her outing and fell asleep in her stroller after we returned to her room. Unfortunately when it was time for a blood draw to check on Vivian's antibiotic level, the nurse discovered that Vivian's port access had dislodged so we had to move her back into her bed for it to be replaced. Afterward it took us several hours to get Vivian to settle down and go to sleep again.

The walk wore Vivian out!

Finally Vivian went back to sleep after moving back to her bed and having her blood drawn

The orthopedist who performed Vivian's second surgery felt that an infection in the hardware in Vivian's arm could be responsible for the high fever that landed her in the ICU as well as the softening of her bones that led to the loosening of her initial surgical screws. Cultures of fluids drawn during the second surgery have not yielded any positive signs of infection, but such results could be tainted by the strong antibiotics Vivian has been receiving. To be on the safe side, the orthopedist, in consultation with a pediatric infectious diseases specialist, wants Vivian to continue on IV antibiotics for six weeks (ugh). Vivian's doctors are trying to establish an effective dosing schedule before they discharge her.

Please pray that Vivian's doctors can decide on the proper course of antibiotic therapy. Pray that Vivian would regain strength in her legs quickly as she has had little opportunity to rehabilitate them with a physical therapist while in the PICU. Pray that the C Diff gastronomical infection that Vivian previously tested positive for is gone. Pray that Robert and I are able to work with the hospital social worker to organize adequate and appropriate help for Vivian's return home; I am especially concerned that we be able to keep Vivian safe since she will not yet be steady on her feet should she decide to get out of bed. Pray that Vivian can ignore the band we have around her waist to prevent her access to her port and g-button; right now she keeps imploring us to "take off that seat belt." Praise God that Vivian's pain is abating and that her funny little personality continues to shine through her discomfort.

Thank you for your diligence in praying for Vivian and encouraging Robert and me. You have made such a huge difference during this arduous journey.

"And He said unto me, 'My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.' Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." II Corinthians 12:9

Being at the hospital with Vivian is exhausting!


Mona said...

It's wonderful to see your sweet angel getting stronger each day! Continued prayers for her healing and your patience and strength as I can see you and daddyman will continue to have your hands full for a while.

Janet said...

Vivian looks really good. I pray that all of this is behind her and she is on her way to recovery.

Love and prayers,
Janet Melton

Dianne said...

Vivian seems to be doing so much better. Praise God! However, there are still trials and you and Daddyman need strength that only the Lord can give. I am praying you get that and more. I bet you will see faster improvement once she is in her own home. We are all praying for you in our home in N.C. God bless you.

Things That Inspire said...

Your family continues to be in our prayers every night!

Malu said...

Dear Heloise and family,
I am here again to give you my support as a friend even though we have never met, "Be not afraid, only believe" (Mark 5:36).

I find treasure out in the deep. It's okay that I can't see what's ahead; grace undergirds me through all kinds of difficulties. I trust His life. And while I've set sail from the shores of unbelief, past those shallow waters of safety, I'm running into uncharted waters (for me, anyway) but that's okay, too. Beneath me are the Everlasting Arms, guiding me past the rocks and snares.

He won't let me drown because He's my strength, from beginning to end. He's your strength, too.
Praying and wishing you peace in God.

Maggie said...

So good to see Vivian improving day by day! I will continue to pray mightily for you all.
FYI I also get comments in an Asian language on my blog. I believe they are spam and have gone to comment moderation.

Sharon said...

I have to agree with Vivian that blood draws and such are "ow". It's got to be difficult for her to have all these endless procedures done when she really doesn't endure them well. As I say, I have a high tolerance for pain and no tolerance for discomfort...sending lots of prays your way for the continued improvement in Vivian and a quick discharge from "that place"!

lmk said...

OK...I don't want to even say this...but...I want it to go unsaid even more. HOW does an infection get "in" hardware that has to be surgically implanted? Her bone was a closed field...and the hardware implanted in a sterile surgical in less than 48 hours could the hardware have become infected...unless it was contaminated at the time of surgery.(It is the question my physician husband is also asking.)

Anonymous said...

Eloise, I am Loucy Hay, Nan Turner's sister. We met many years ago at Marian and Bob's wedding. My sisters and I grew up in Nashville with the Richbourg's. Nan, our sister, Kate, and I have been following Vivian's progress through your blog. We are all so happy to hear that she is improving! We will continue to pray for good health, strength, peace, and patience.

maryelizabethroche said...

I'm so glad things are flowing in the right direction. I'm praying for all your requests...and I'm praying the process speeds up too.
Stay strong, and Bless all of you.


sevenalstons said...

Vivian is looking really good! Continued prayers and hugs from upstate New York :)

The Internet Cooking Princess said...

So happy to hear things are picking up! Vivan definitely looks much more comfortable/at ease in these photos!

Dianne said...

My husband sells the hardware that goes into cases such as this for a major medical company. He agrees with
Imk and her physician husband. The hardware comes sterile, it is opened sterile. It then passes through several hands that should be sterile. Somewhere along the line it was contaminated by touch.
Blame does not help Vivian at this point but may help the next patient.We are holding you and your family in prayer as we have done throughout this ordeal. God bless you!

Amber M. said...

Eloise, I've been keeping up with all the Vivian news daily and I was so happyto see a picture of Vivian out of bed and in her stroller this morning when I woke up! I was also so happy that they might have pinpointed the reason for the high fever and infection. I'm still praying for your sweet family every day.

Emily said...

So happy to see that Vivian’s health continues to steadily improve and that her precious personality shines through more each day!

Sending prayers for strength and patience for you and Robert and for everything to fall into place so that Vivian may return home soon.

The 5 Bickies said...

You continue to be my first stop when I log on! I am encouraged to hear that you are seeing Vivian's personality through the pain and seat belts.

We are praying for Vivian's recovery, for patience as each piece is managed, and for guidance as new decisions are made.

You and Robert are doing a great job!

Debbie K. said...

So nice to see these pictures of Vivian talking her stroll. I just love the way the nurses seem so protective of her. She has been through so much, but yet is such a precious Angel. I pray for continued improvement and guidance as you and Robert make decisions in the days ahead in regard to Vivian's health care. (((Hugs))) ~Debbie K.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture with Baby Jesus! I am so glad she still has him. She looks so much better!