Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update on Vivian - 7/18, part II.

Vivian's surgical procedures went very well this morning.

Dr. Roden replaced the gastric tube formerly in Vivian's abdomen with a g-button. I'm not sure why previously Vivian was unable to receive the button for six weeks; I had understood it was because of the more durable approach the surgeon had chosen, but I am certainly glad that someone decided we no longer had to wait so long. The new button is much less obtrusive and cumbersome than the six-inch protruding foley catheter tube with its requisite clamp.

Vivian's port is in place under the skin on the opposite side of her abdomen. Vivian will be able to receive IV fluids and antibiotics there, and the nurses can use the port for routine blood draws. Hopefully we will cover the g-button and the port such that Vivian doesn't notice or bother with them.

I believe the plan today is to keep Vivian sedated so that she is quiet and comfortable during her recovery. Dr. Wick would like to introduce some clear broths and liquids to Vivian this afternoon and see how Vivian tolerates swallowing and receiving them. If Vivian handles those well, we can progress to other fare. I would like to feed Vivian some Cream of Wheat as that's one of her favorite foods at home.

This morning's surgeries were such minor setbacks compared to how far Vivian has come. We are elated beyond words at the prospect that our sweet, funny, little Vivian is returning to us. I am certain that her teachers and others who know Vivian well are not one bit surprised at the curveballs the real Vivian is throwing at the nurses and doctors right now!

How can I ever thank you enough for praying, crying, laughing and celebrating with us on this journey? Praise God for Vivian who continues to bless us all with joy and adventure.

"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise." Psalm 98:4


Kay said...

G-button and port=Happy News! Gary comiserates with you because apparently I was not very thrilled about all the wires and tubes, especially the one coming out of my head. And I was not to be reasoned with either! Things do get better.: )

Dianne said...

All will be well! Praise God. This Houdini is a good sign...her feistiness is back and she is becoming more the Vivian we have all longed to see again...sweet,funny,determined and resourceful! Our family is still praying.

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

Oh how I love seeing that smiling little face! Praise God! I'm still praying for this sweet girl and her parents, siblings and grandparents...and last but not least the medical staff caring for her! She is a little Houdini for sure!

bevy said...

Such wonderful news!!! Praise God for His goodness...

Holly said...

Vivian is up to her old tricks...a very good sign, according to Carla. I AM sorry, however, that every step forward seems to require a set-back here and there. Hopefully, soon, the time will come for you ALL to be at home. Prayers continue for your strength and comfort!

Mona said...

Prayers of praise, thanksgiving and for continued healing and improvement for Vivian. And for strength, peace and much needed good rest for Eloise and Robert.

Janet said...

I am going to put this in just 6 little words, "she is a precious little stinker"

Love and Prayers,
Janet Melton