Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update on Vivian - 7/14, part III.

Everything else that happened today pales in comparison to receiving the positive MRI results, but here's a quick recap of the rest of the day:

While Vivian was still under the sedation from her MRI, a peripheral intravenous central catheter (PICC line) was inserted in her right arm and the central line was removed from Vivian's chest. The PICC line will be similarly used for Vivian's IV fluids and medications, but it carries less risk of infection at this point.

Tomorrow morning Vivian will have an upper GI test in preparation for the placement of a g-button on Friday. Vivian was not able to eat anything in anticipation of being sedated for the MRI so we've not been able to further assess her ability to swallow and eat. The g-button will allow Vivian to receive her medications and nutrition while we reestablish her oral routines.

After the MRI this afternoon Vivian was awake and active but much less agitated than yesterday. She is exhibiting, however, a persistent rhythmic twitch in her face and hands that seems to keep her awake and interfere with her ability to speak. Today this twitching episode went on for four hours until Vivian finally fell asleep. Dr. Matson is going to increase Vivian's Keppra dose even more, and we hope it will address this issue.

I just spoke to Dr. Riela's associate who called on Vivian at the hospital tonight. He had ordered bloodwork this morning to check on the levels of Vivian's regular seizure medications. One of Vivian's longtime medications, Depakote, was surprisingly low; it had been at a desirable level of 90-something the week before Vivian ended up in the hospital and today the level was 12. The neurologist is going to increase that medication as well, and I am so hopeful that the rise in either the Keppra or the Depakote or both will settle Vivian's sweet little brain.

The way that Vivian stares blankly into space and her difficulty speaking remind me so much of how she acts after a seizure. I am cautiously optimistic that when Vivian's brain is calm again, she will begin to respond and act as she did before. The neurologist told me tonight that when no stroke or lesions are observed in an MRI, there is good reason to believe the person will recover neurological function.

Please join me in praising God that Vivian did not suffer a significant brain injury during her high fever. Offer praise that Vivian was calmer and less agitated today. Pray that whatever is causing Vivian to twitch will cease and that she will begin to speak and interact with us again. Pray for Robert and me as we begin to prepare to bring Vivian home as there will be significant details and accommodations to be made in order to accomplish that.

Thank you for loving and supporting Robert and me through some very dark days and for celebrating with us when things have gone well. We still have a long way to go. Please don't stop praying for Vivian yet. We need you.

"Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God." Romans 5:1-2


Janet said...

I am so happy with the good news about her MRI. I will continue to pray that she starts becoming precious Vivian again real soon.

Love and prayers,
Janet Melton

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

Praise God for the the MRI results. I know that is one big thing you can cross off you concern list. I hope the meds provided much needed help for Vivian.
I will continue to pray for your entire family and especially for Sweet Vivian!
This sweet little girl has a whole host of folks praying for her...what a awesome thought! We service a Mighty God indeed!

Heidi said...

Celebration for the MRI results. We will continue to pray for the doctors who are working hard to resolve the issues, all of the people who love Vivian, and enough health that she can go home soon. Praise to God for all the blessings he provides.

Malu said...
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Henley on the Horn said...

I will continue to pray, and I join you in praising God for all of the many good bits of progress. I am also praying for your son and daughter at home, as I know they must be being cared for by others. I am sure all of your house is ready to be home together under more mundane conditions.

Malu said...

I praise God for the good news ,convicted that God is our beloved Father and He takes care of us ever and always no matter the circunstances. God bless you and the whole family
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13


Lindsay said...

You are earning your way to being a saint. I follow your blog, and am keeping you in my prayers. I am a RN at Baylor UMC, so I know about everything you are seeing at the hospital. Praise the Lord for having a supportive husband, family, friends.


The Internet Cooking Princess said...

I'm thinking about you everyday Eloise and am in complete awe of you and Robert. Vivian is so lucky to have such wonderful parents who will help her get through this!

Jan M said...

Praises indeed, and prayers continue.

Holly said...

Praise prayers for such wonderful news! My prayers are continuing, especially for the transition to home and all the help that will be there for all of you.

Dianne said...

Still praying for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!!!!!

emcr1229 said...

Such good news! You and all your family continue in my prayers.

Jane said...

God's praises, Eloise! How I rejoice tonight in Vivian's MRI results.

"Praise the Lord. I will praise the Lord all my life. I will sing praises to my God as long as I live."
Psalm 146:1-2

We'll continue to lift Vivian up in prayer as you prepare to bring her home.