Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update on Vivian - 7/11

VCM new cast closeup (2)
Close-up of the bow Dr. Brown made on Vivian's new *cactus* (Vivian's term for cast).

The good news: we are seeing more and more of the "real Vivian" emerging from our little Sleeping Beauty. The bad news: the "real Vivian" dislikes every aspect of being in the PICU and is making life difficult for her nurses and caregivers!

Vivian has clearly been in less pain after her new arm surgery than during the past several days. Robert and I are so relieved because we had been insisting Vivian was still in pain, while the doctors thought her arm should not still be hurting excessively and that her agitation was likely due to withdrawal from narcotics.

Today the chief sources of Vivian's discomfort have been soiled diapers and tubes in her nose. When she wakes up, Vivian begins to rip at her diaper and attempts (occasionally successfully) to yank out her oxygen and feeding tubes. My solution to this has been to climb in bed next to Vivian and throw my legs over hers and hold on to her hands; this approach has worked pretty well for me. This afternoon, however, after I'd had enough and had retreated home for a nap, Robert attempted the same maneuver during one of Vivian's fussy spells, and she plainly said to him, "GET OFF ME." Robert relayed to me that he had never been so happy to hear Vivian defy him! Vivian also gave appropriate answers to simple questions that Robert asked her over the course of the afternoon, and she settled down while listening to her favorite movie, Dumbo, on her headphones. Overall we feel very positive about Vivian's mental state.

VCM resting peacefully
Me with Vivian in a quiet moment

A couple of specific prayer requests: Vivian tested positive for a gastrointestinal bug called C. Diff; please pray that would clear up quickly. Pray that Vivian's arm would heal and that she would not work the hardware loose again in her agitation. Pray that the fluid remaining in Vivian's lungs would continue to dissipate and that she could be weaned off the oxygen she is still receiving via a nasal canula. Most of all, please ask the Lord for healing for Vivian's brain.

As I sit beside Vivian's bed tonight, she is resting very peacefully while a respiratory therapist administers a breathing treatment. I think Vivian wore herself out during the long afternoon that Robert was here with her. I plan to stay just an hour or so more before going home for the night.

It is impossible to adequately express our appreciation for your prayers and support throughout the 17 days Vivian has been in the PICU, so I will simply say "thank you."

"It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22-23

VCM grandmothers
Vivian's grandmothers in her hospital room


Quinn said...

I either stay up or get up to read your daily post. This one really got to me and I cried. Seeing the two grandmas there, what a comfort they must be. And seeing Vivian laying there peacefully with her mom. Eloise, you look exhausted.

psm260 said...

What an adorable picture! This stressful and unplanned journey you all are on has shown what loving, faithful parents you are -- and how committed you are to your faith in God. It has been a blessing to see! I will continue to pray for Vivian, you, Robert, and your family.

Pam Means

Sandra said...

What a blessing to have the grands there! And I think the signs are looking good for Vivian. Continuing prayers for her and YOU! xoxo

Katy said...

How wonderful that everything seems to be improving. I can't really blame Vivian for not being happy about being in PICU.

Still praying!

Christie said...

That picture of you and Vivian brought one phrase to mind...

Momma loves her baby.

And it made me cry.

Love you.

Carrie Green said...

Thank you for your continued updates. I am so glad that Vivian seemed more like herself today and continue to pray that there will be more and more days like that. I also continue to pray for complete healing, strength patience grace love hope faith for all of you. I continue to be amazed at your journey and God's faithfulness.
Get some sleep....

Jenny said...

What a hard, exhausting journey this has been for y'all-- my heart just aches for you, but I can tell that God is sustaining you moment by moment. And I'm very thankful that there are so many positive signs regarding Vivian's mental state and that she seems to be in less pain. We're continuing to pray!!! Love and hugs, Jenny

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

Eloise, that is such a sweet photo of you laying with Vivian. She is resting so peacefully in Momma's arms. I know having the Grandmothers there is so good for you and Robert...we are never too old to need our Momma's.
Praying for Sweet Vivian to continue to wake up peacefully and to continue to see improvements in her lungs.
I pray the Lord to continue to provide for you and Robert, as I cannot imagine how exhausting it must be after 18 days.


Maggie said...

Disliking the PICU is a great sign of recovery! Hope and pray the other issues resolve themselves. I continue to pray for your family's strength as well as for Vivian herself. Loved the pic of you and V resting together and of those two devoted grandmothers.

Sharon said...

Thank you for the updates even though you are very obviously exhausted. I can sympathize with poor little Vivian...the tubes and other apparatus are very annoying. Still praying hard for good peaceful days and good results so Vivian can be released soon....Sharon

Jan M said...

Such a sweet photo of you and Vivian, I only wish it could have been at home in her own bed. I am so grateful to learn of the small steps toward renewed health, and pray that today will being even more. Blessings to all of you.

Malu said...

Dear Eloise , I am a blogger too and I had met you by Kim's blog , 3 peanuts, and it has been a real pleasure to follow you day by day, I came here today to tell you that your family and Vivian are always in my dailly prayers and I am sure that Our God is taking care of Vivian each second and he holds her hand and says I am your Almighty God.
God bless you.

Sherrie said...

Eloise I am ROTFL at your description of Robert's attempt to replicate your move on Vivian. Sounds like she her personality is starting to shine through which is a good thing. I am so glad some things are improving and will pray for continued healing for Vivian and sanity for the rest of you. ;)

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I LOVE that picture of you and Vivian. It sums up everything.... :-)