Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday.

If you prayed for Vivian in the last month or two, could I ask you a favor? Would you please pray for world peace? For an end to hunger and suffering and loneliness? Because the power of your prayers is obviously vast! I am AMAZED at how well Vivian is doing. I just put her on the bus, and she was unbelievably sweet and cooperative. Her seizures seem to be down to only one or two a week. Her pretty face is clearing up. She's eating well again. Wow. I am humbled and thankful. Praise God.

I have been so touched by the outpouring of love and support from friends and family and from people whom I've *met* only on my blog or theirs. 

One special blog friend is Melissa at Sunbonnet Cottage. She has faced more than her own share of challenges with grace and dignity, all the while extending an arm of friendship and encouragement to others. When I was particularly down last week, she presented me with an *award* on her blog. Thank you, Melissa.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Vivian is doing well!

The Mrs. said...

I am so glad she's doing so mcuh better! Sweet girl!

Amber M. said...

I was SO HAPPY to read thsi post and to know that Vivian is doing so well. Hooray!

See...blogging is a blessing!:-)

Melissa said...


You are a sweetie. You so deserve this award.

And, I will most definitely pray for peace for the world.

Happy Weekend!