Monday, August 4, 2008

Hockey Boy in Ireland, part II.

We received a nice email from one of Hockey Boy's Scout leaders today detailing the group's activities the last few days in Ireland.

They spent a couple more days touring some sites in Ireland before reporting to the Jamboree in Punchestown on Saturday. Ireland has evidently had a lot of rain this past week.

Hockey Boy has sent us a couple of text messages saying that he's having a great time (though he's upset that he forgot to pack his "Frogg Toggs" raingear. Hmmm... something about 'being prepared' must not have sunk in completely with that child).

Here are some pictures Hockey Boy's leader sent:

At JFK waiting on the new plane

Enjoying dinner at the Metropole Hotel in Cork

Stopping to tour the Port of Cobh, where millions of Irish immigrants departed for the States, also the last stop of the Titanic

Visiting the Blarney Castle

Touring Kilkenny Castle

Relaxing at the Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast outside of Urlingford

Extending international relations at the Guiness Factory in Dublin (with some teenagers from Spain - note all the pretty girls!)

Viewing the Book of Kells at Trinity College

At the 94th Walkinstown Scout den with their driver (this was the home of their Irish host troop)

Building the campsite at the Jamboree site in Punchestown. (I don't see Hockey Boy in this picture. He typically makes himself scarce when there is work to be done.)

Lashing stove stands (whatever that means! Once again Hockey Boy is nowhere in sight)


JoAnn said...

Looks like a great experience (except for the camping part!)

We visited many of the same sights last year in Ireland. The Book of Kells is amazing...hard to imagine how it was done. Cobh was a touching place to visit. The Guinness tour was spectacular...and I don't even like the stuff!


Laura said...

So cool to see someone else's photos at the same places we visited! I'm sure he is learning a lot!

Amber M. said...

What a cute group of boys...Ireland is one of those "must-see-one-day" places for me. LOVELY pictures!!

Liz Harrell said...

I'm jealous. Do Girl Scouts get to do awsome things like that? B/c if they do, I'm going to check on the age limit. :)

Whitney said...

Ireland! I have always wanted to visit there. One day! :) The pictures are fantastic. Everything is so green and lush and fabulous. Beautiful!