Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dots at camp.

Robert, his mom and I are in North Carolina dropping Dots off at summer camp.

We left early yesterday morning. Dots's BFF Allison came down at 5:30 a.m. to see her off. Now that's a true friend!

cmw (5)

Dots is typically a late-riser, so we were barely in the air before she conked out on her Mimi's shoulder.

cmw (6)

Today was the first day of camp. I attended this camp as a girl so it is a really neat experience for me to share it with Dots.

cmw (43)

Parents started queueing up early to get a prime spot in line before the gates opened. This year there were officers directing the traffic because last year some mothers evidently got into a heated argument about someone cutting in line. Yikes.

cmw (45)

cmw (78)
The first view of camp from the road

Dots was excited to meet her counselor and cabinmates.

cmw (57)

I made up her top bunk for her and then we said our goodbyes as she didn't seem eager for us to linger.

cmw (51)

cmw (54)
The view from the steps of Dots's cabin - wow!

I gave Robert and his mom a tour of the camp before we left.

cmw (63)
Campers queued up for their swimming test

I wish I could stay and be a camper again!


Erin said...

That is gorgeous! I wanna go! :-)

Safe travels home! Erin

JoAnn said...

WOW, what a gorgeous place! Lucky girl.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful place! My boyfriend's daughter just got home from summer camp. As she showed off her ribbons and photos, I felt very nostalgic. Camp was so much fun! How long does your daughter get to stay there?

Melissa said...

Makes one remember the good 'ol days. Ahh! To be young again. Not a worry in the world.

Where do I sign up?

Sunbonnet Cottage

Biba said...

ruvvlfIsn't it wonderful that some things never change?! MerrieWoode looks the same as it did when I took Eloise to camp there in the seventies.