Friday, August 15, 2008


My friend JoAnn and I started our blogs at the same time. She *tagged* me last week - a first for me.  Her instructions were to copy and paste this list of questions to my blog, fill in new answers and then tag someone else.

1. Where is your cell phone? in my car, charging 

2. Your significant other? Where is he?   Took a rare day off to use a gift certificate for a billiards lesson with Hockey Boy (a Christmas gift from his mom and me).  Now he's gone to see The Dark Knight

3. Your hair? highlighted blonde (haven't seen the real color in quite some time!)

4. Your mother?  spending the summer at her house in Jackson Hole 

5. Your father?  with my mom 

6. Your favorite things? family, travel, good food, good company, puzzles and games

7. Your dream last night? I can't remember.

8. Your favorite drink?  Cosmopolitan with Grand Marnier

9. Your dream/goal?  to be a valued wife, friend, daughter and mother and raise happy, responsible children, would also love to have a flat in Paris one day!

10. The room you’re in?  upstairs hallway (home of the kids' computer - I prefer their Mac to my PC - are you proud, JoAnn?) 

11. Your hobby?  playing duplicate bridge, reading, knitting, messing around on the computer

12. Your fear?  losing my children

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?  at Hockey Boy's college graduation!

14. What you’re not?  thrifty

15. Muffins?  blueberry or bran

16. One of your wish list items?  Audubon Octavo Common Cardinal Grosbeak print (illusive and expensive)

17. Where you grew up?  Atlanta, Georgia

18. The last thing you did?  went back-to-school shopping with my girls (one who loves to shop and one who lays on the floor and screams when I try to get her to try anything on - hmmm... I'll let you guess which is which)

19. What are you wearing?  Lacoste shirt and cotton capri pants (my "uniform")

20. Favorite gadget?  my cell phone

21. Your pets?  Percy & Ginny (cats)

22. Your computer?  iMac (kids) & Dell PC

23. Your mood?  content

24. Missing someone?  my grandparents & my friend Amanda 

25. Your car?  white Yukon XL (don't like it but can't convince Robert I need a new car)

26. Something you’re not wearing?  a sweater

27. Favorite store?  a boutique called Mary Beth

28. Like someone?  I have an unrequited crush on Colin Firth 

29. Your favorite color?   pink  

30. When is the last time you laughed?  last night when Hockey Boy had two friends join us for dinner

31. Last time you cried?  when I watched the Christian the Lion video on You Tube

I tag Nancy and LibrarianLisa.


Melissa said...


You are a sweetheart.

Thank you for adding me to your favorites.

Your blog is just so much fun. I enjoy everytime I visit.

Happy Saturday!


Marian said...

I have to say that has your sister that has known you all of your live I learned some things!

Marian said...

On the kids keyboard which for some reason makes me forget how to type - that comment should have read....

AS your sister that has known you all of your LIFE...


Anonymous said...

I share your crush on Colin Firth (but, then again, who doesn't?). I'll play tag as soon as I get a chance to sit down on the Internet properly. We have the girls this weekend, and I'm stealing 5 minutes just to check in. Hope you're having a good weekend!

Melissa said...


I was walking all over Sunbonnet Cottage last night with my urns in hand, trying to decide where they would look best.

Not an easy decision. I will write a post on it, when I finally find the right place.

Have a great Sunday.


Anonymous said...


LibrarianLisa tagged me for your tag game - which compelled me to come and have a look at yours. I'm with you on the Christian the Lion video - it's my favourite YouTube moment, amazing. Not so sure about Colin Firth though...:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Thanks for stopping by. Are you sure you'd like to be British? We have bad teeth, talk about the weather constantly, drink gallons of tea and live in continuous drizzle (not even as exciting as rain). It's funny though because me and Swarthy want to move to America in two years. Fancy swapping nationalities?