Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy weekend.

Hockey season officially kicks off with a Labor Day tournament this weekend. Hockey Boy has a game this afternoon, one early tomorrow morning (7:00 a.m., with players reporting to the ice at 5:45!), one tomorrow afternoon and one Monday. Vivian HATES hockey ("It's too loud in here, it's too cold in here," etc.) so I have a sitter coming for a couple of games and we'll draw straws on which of us attends the early game (I won't say whether it's the winner or the loser who goes).

I have a Duplicate Bridge tournament this weekend as well but am only playing a couple of times because of hockey. I leave for my first session in about an hour.

Robert runs around White Rock Lake (9+ miles) every Saturday morning with a group of running friends. Today Dots wanted to accompany him on her bike so they're already out and about.

Vivian is in her room trying to get Percy the cat to do tricks. I can hear things like "Jump, Percy, jump!" interspersed with an occasional "mrowwww!" I don't think they're headed for Prime Time anytime soon.

Not surprisingly Hockey Boy is still asleep. After a long week of school and hockey practices and a late night of studying (ahem), he understandably needs his rest. I'm going to send Vivian in to show him Percy's tricks soon so he'll be awake by the time I need to leave. I'm sure that will go over well.

Tonight Robert and I are going to hear Wayne Brady perform with the Dallas Symphony at the Meyerson. It is billed as an evening of "song, humor, improv and a Sammy Davis, Jr. and Sam Cooke tribute." Whose Line is it Anyway is one of Robert's favorite TV shows, and he is a longtime Sam Cooke fan so he is very excited about the performance. I'm looking forward to it too; an adult evening out is always a treat!

Does anyone really *rest* over Labor Day weekend?


JoAnn said...

No one rests over Labor Day weekend....we "labor" ---even fun things seem to be labor when they are all piled atop one another!

I tried duplicate bridge earlier this summer but just could not get into it. I guess contract/social bridge is more to my liking. Unfortunately, I do not know anyone who plays!

Amber M. said...

Have fun tonight...we LOVE Wayne Brady at our house. What a fun couple days you have lined up.

We, unfortunately ARE resting over Labor Day. Croup, runny noses and football's a deadly combination around here:-).

Laura said...

Have fun!!

We kinda of rested. Went riding yesterday . . . and today we stayed around the house. I "worked" on random UFO projects ;)