Sunday, August 17, 2008


Now that Hockey Boy is home from his travels, his *Daddyman* declared that it was time for Hockey Boy to finish that Eagle Scout project (which has possibly dragged on longer than any project in the history of Boy Scouts).

His dependable friend James came over yesterday to help put the finishing touches on the wood duck boxes. Hinges and latches were attached to the roofs to make the boxes accessible for cleaning after the ducks move out each year. Holes were bored in the front of each box to allow the ducks to enter and exit.



Hockey Boy and James were pleased with the finished products, but Quality Control (a.k.a. Daddyman) stepped in and made them redo a few things (QC didn't buy James and Hockey Boy's suggestion that there be upper- and lower-end housing options).

Vivian was playing in the backyard and wanted to help too!

After every house was deemed adequate, the boys took them out to White Rock Lake and attached them to the poles that Hockey Boy and James and their friend Robert had set in cement several weeks ago. They added "predator guards" below each box, and voila! The project was finished.


I was not the onsite photographer, but I am told that somewhere in here is a finished and installed wood duck nesting box (I believe I can make out the reflection of the predator guard)

Hockey Boy plans to add wood chips to each box shortly before nesting season and he will probably go back out to the lake for some sort of photo op with the Audubon Society, but otherwise he is ready to proceed with the paperwork and final sign-off for his Eagle Scout rank.

This project was a great learning experience for Hockey Boy. Everything took longer and cost more than he had anticipated (sound familiar to anyone who's done any home improvement projects?), and the challenge of recruiting and managing helpers was valuable training as well.

I am thrilled to have my back porch cleaned off and to check one thing off my "things to nag Hockey Boy about" list!


Amber M. said...

VERY cool Eagle project. They look awesome!

JoAnn said...

And the nagging never ends!!!!! Practice makes perfect, my dear.


Ivy Lane said...

What a great post! I just found you while I was over looking at Cote de Texas's blog..I never made cool projects like that in Girl Scouts! Good Job!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Sounds like you will have some happy and healthy ducks in your area! Kudos Hockeyboy, kudos!!!

Liz Harrell said...

How fun! That is one handy guy to have around. And I love your porch w/ the blue ceiling... so pretty.

Melissa said...


It's not called nagging. It's called guiding and advising.

Glad you have your porch back.