Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas preparations.


I am deep in the throes of preparing for Christmas.

My house is mostly decorated, except for the tree which we will buy and put up this weekend. Oh, and except for the garland on the front banister, which I hung this week and was plenty happy with until I saw my friend JoAnn's post which featured a banister with a swagged garland that made my wrapped garland look pathetic! So now "redoing the garland on my banister" has been added to my Christmas "to do" list.

I have done a lot of my shopping but have not wrapped anything and have not really taken stock of what I still need to buy (which hopefully is not much because my guest room is overflowing with *stuff*). I have stuck my Christmas pictures on my cards but have not written my Christmas letter or worked on my address list, so my cards are at a stand still for now. I've baked one batch of Christmas cookies but plan to do a lot more, including baking for neighbors, once my cards are in the mail.

I do love Christmas - the decorations, the carols, the exchanging of gifts and cards, the gatherings of family and friends, and most of all the reminder of God's love for us - but I enjoy it more once all of my *tasks* are completed.

Back when Dots was about five, we were driving around our neighborhood. Vivian noticed all of the lights and decorations in someone's yard and commented, "We have to get ready for Christmas!" Dots turned to her and screamed in a most impatient, uncharitable voice, "THAT'S WHY WE HAVE ADVENT!!!"


Hopsy said...

I am sure the garland looks perfect! This month is always such a busy one. For wrapping supplies I found the best glitter ribbon at Michael's and Container Store has a great selction of wrap. However, if you really want your gift to stand out check out the Carolyn Rhoem site for paper!

Rachel said...

I'm sure your house looks great. Can you come help me with my house? We do Xmas and Hanukkah around here and I think myhouse will be a mess for a while! We will get out tree up though!

Show some pictures of your decorations!

The 5 Bickies said...

Anything you have done is ahead of me...I am busy with a decorating service at our church and haven't done anything at home! You have inspired me to get going!

3 Peanuts said...

I am sure your garland looks fabulous! That is great that you have met Kappa Prep. She seems like someone I would like to meet too!

I love your gas laterns...I miss mine and will liely have some installed here.


Erin said...

I too love those gas lanterns... Perfect! Your porch looks charming. Garlands give me trouble... I am forever fussing to get them to hang right. Decorating for Christmas is so fun. The only part I don't like, is running hither and yon to buy all of the supplies.