Friday, December 12, 2008

Sip 'n see.

My party yesterday morning went very well. I didn't have to do any of the food - just had to have my house ready and provide the beverages. I made my mom's wassail in my coffee urn which was a big hit (it's very cold here right now). We had a great turnout, and my friend with the new baby was very appreciative. I got busy and didn't take any pictures once the party was in progress, but here are some from beforehand.

Notice my silver baby cups in the center - I had them arranged with white roses and Christmas greenery

I used three china patterns: Brittany by Royal Crown Derby (left), my Lindy Neuhaus Christmas plates (right) and Spode Christmas Tree (at the other end of the table)

Close-up of one of my Lindy Neuhaus plates. She is an artist in Houston who hand paints china. I have eight of her plates and each one is different.

Our little guest of honor!

I had quite a few requests from guests at the Sip 'n See for the wassail recipe so I thought I'd share it here.


Tie together in cheese cloth:
6 sticks cinnamon
16 whole cloves

1 t ground allspice
¼ c sugar
2 c cranberry juice cocktail
1 12-oz can apple juice concentrate, diluted
1 extra can of water
1 t bitters (optional - I use them but have no idea if they add much to the flavor or not)

Simmer 10 minutes and remove spice bag. Serve hot.

**If made in a large coffee percolator, place spices in basket (use same amount of cinnamon and cloves and multiply everything else times four).


KK said...

What a beautiful table! I am sure the party was a big success!!!

Erin said...

Eloise! It is beautiful! Your dining room reminds me of Nell Hill's... have you seen her books? And I have a painting almost exactly like yours. The table was perfect. You are such a skilled hostess! What a fun party... and the baby is adorable.

Laura said...

That is so very beautiful!!!

JoAnn said...

Gorgeous. Love those hand-painted plates.

What is a Sip 'n See for a new baby? I have had southern friends who had a Sip 'n See when their daughters were getting married. They display all the wedding gifts and people come over to sip (whatever) and see.

Or is a Sip 'n See to see anything?

I used to make a similar wassail, but added a bottle of white wine. Goodness, that was wonderful, now that I am thinking about it!

cotedetexas said...

What a darling little baby!!!! your dining room is stunning! I am so suprised you have those plates!!!!!!!! hehe - Houston!!

Melissa said...


You have exquisite taste. It's all lovely.

Courtney said...

Your dining room is gorgeous!
And I envy your Lindy Neuhaus plates!! I spotted them at a store in Houston when we lived there and wanted to start collecting them, but never did. What a cute little guest of honor!

Hopsy said...

Your tables is so beautiful. I just love that you used the baby cups to spice it up!

3 Peanuts said...


It all looks so beautiful!!! I am sure it was a sip and see to remember!

Also, that was so sweet of your Dad to send you that movie...I remembered it immediately after you posted about it.


The Mrs. said...

Love the plates and the baby is a doll!!!!