Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trim-a-tree swap.


I met my blog friend Kappa Prep in *real life* last month when she was serving as a poll worker on Election Day at my girls' school. She told me about a Trim-a-Tree blog *swap* that Grove Gals were sponsoring. I signed up and was matched with Nicole from Girl from Mih-Nee-Soh-Tah.

Nicole's package to me arrived last weekend and was filled with such cute Christmas goodies as well as a candle from Chicago where she lives. I especially love the little snowglobe ornament place card holders. Thanks, Nicole!

This was my first time to participate in a blog swap, but it was such fun that I will definitely do it again. Warm thanks also to Kappa Prep and Grove Gals for getting me involved!


Jennifer said...


Marian said...

What did you send?

Aimee said...

What a fun idea! I really love those ornaments!

Hopsy said...

So glad you had fun doing the giveaway! Aren't they great? I was just chatting with someone about possibly posting a pink/Valentine's one in February. I will keep you posted. Hope all is well and I hope we run into one another again soon Eloise!

Rachel said...

The swap sounds like fun! I wonder what you sent..

Amber M. said...

I have never done a swap...but have been tempted a time or two. Sounds like so much fun!

I started my yummy candle today...thank you again! I think of you every time I catch a hint of vanilla.