Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas surprise.


I mentioned in my Christmas Quiz post a week or so ago that as a girl I had loved a made-for-TV Christmas special called The House without a Christmas Tree.

Well, lo and behold if a DVD of that movie didn't arrive on my doorstep yesterday afternoon! My dad had located it on Amazon and ordered a copy for me. I was absolutely thrilled and can hardly wait to watch it. The movie stars Jason Robards and its reviews on Amazon are very positive, so I'm hopeful that I will still enjoy it.

Honestly, though, I can't say if I'm more surprised about the movie or about the fact that my dad read my blog!


Amber M. said...

Your sweet dad is a blog-lurker!!

What a fun surprise.

cotedetexas said...

Wow - what a sweet father you have! Mine is too - but when he reads my blog it's always the questions - are you making money? haha. Why do you advertise hotels and stores for free? double haha!!!
He just doesn't get that blogging is a gift from the heart, not the pocketbook!

JoAnn said...

What a guy!

Sandra said...

Love your blog. Got my Mother into blogging love it. She always makes a comment too. :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh I love it...elves using blogs for info!

Sounds like a great Dad.


The Mrs. said...

I need a movie review after!