Tuesday, August 4, 2009

From camp to college.


Saturday morning we awakened early to go and get in line to drop Dots off at camp. What is already a long process took even more time this year because the camp nurse took each camper's temperature before allowing her car to proceed through the camp gates (a precaution against the swine flu). Fortunately Dots was fever free, so we headed to her cabin, made her bed, met her counselors and cabinmates and said our goodbyes.

Dots was thrilled to get a bottom bunk this year and to discover her camp friend Sarah was in her cabin. Small world story: Sarah is from Connecticut, but her mom and I went to SMU together!

My aunt and uncle (Katie's grandparents) have a condominium very close to the camp, so Hockey Boy and I stopped by there and had a nice visit with them before embarking on our mini college tour.

With my Aunt Paula and Uncle Terry

Our first stop was Clemson University.


Next was Furman. Furman's campus is exceptionally beautiful.



We spent Sunday night in Athens. I had reconnected with my first grade best friend on Facebook, and we met her and her daughter for dinner. Rosemary and I hadn't seen each other since we were about eight years old, but you'd have never known it! We had a great time talking and visiting, and she and her daughter showed us around Athens (which is a GREAT town).

Athens has block after block of cute shops and funky little restaurants like these

We had a fabulous meal at this fun spot


I made Hockey Boy stop and pose by this artistic rendition of Uga, the Georgia mascot

Monday morning we took a tour of the University of Georgia.

UGA has a nice mix of old and new buildings and their grounds are very well kept


A reluctant subject by the University of Georgia's signature arch

A much happier guy posing by Sanford Stadium

On our way back to the airport we stopped at Georgia Tech.



We came across a group of Tech football players leaving the stadium

And then we found my dad's name on the Hall of Fame wall in the atrium of the athletic building

We flew home last night after an exhausting but productive weekend. For widely differing reasons this is an exciting time for both of my children.


Hopsy said...

I hope Dots has such a fun time at camp! It looks like you and Hockey Boy had a very exciting college tour. I love Furman and have loads of bffs that went their- it is a great school and Gville is such a fun town to visit!

tintarosa said...

Everything looks so green and lush. What did Hockey Boy think? Is he leaning in any direction?

Maggie said...

Exciting trip! The camp looks like Merriewoode, where my daughter went the summer we moved south and before she aged out of camp. What did your son think of the various colleges?

The Mrs. said...

Wow so many milestones! Did you know my friend Kirsten at SMU?

Unknown said...

Camp and college. What a contrast! Is Hockey Boy leaning towards a particular school or degree? My husband did his graduate work at Georgia Tech and loved it.
I am heading out of town this afternoon so I won't be able meet you gals tonight. I hope you have fun and take pictures.

JMW said...

Wow - lots going on in your household! I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum, having to decide on a kindergarten this fall for the following school year. It flies by, doesn't it?

JMW said...
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Anonymous said...

way to multitask!

cotedetexas said...

I didn't realize HB was going to college! So is my daughter next year. Thanks for the tour today! I don't have to go to Georgia now. Well, good luck. I've no idea where we will end up. NOne.