Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Snapshots from Jackson Hole, part II.

Flowers on my mom's back deck - aren't the colors vivid?

Dots entertains herself on the computer

Vivian waits for her pancakes. The syrup bottle waits for my mom to notice Vivian has brought it to the table!

Robert and my dad read and watch the PGA Championship

Vivian, Dots, my mom and I run some errands in town. These antler arches are the trademarks of the town square in Jackson

You can take a stagecoach ride around the town

This is a famous saloon on the square (the tourist in the foreground is taking a picture of the arches)

We stop for lunch at a little bistro and eat outside

We had promised Vivian McDonald's if she behaved. The rest of us enjoy a much finer meal!

Making homemade pizzas for dinner - yum!

There was a wedding at a neighboring house

We climbed up my mom and dad's trail and listened to the band

My dad made this sign for his trail

Vivian colors a picture. She has been amazingly sweet this week

To be continued...


Hopsy said...

My favorite quote in this entire post is about the syrup bottle- I cannot stop laughing! Vivian looks so happy, I bet her Lilly jeans add to that factor!

JoAnn said...

In many of the photos, the mountainsides look like nothing but dirt. Is this accurate? Why no vegetation?

We had hillsides that looked like this near Pittsburgh, but they had been strip-mined!

Maggie said...

Love the flowers, but the best part of this post is the happy look on Vivian's face. Looks like you all are having a great time!

Sherrie said...

Those flowers are amazing. It looks like you are having a great time. Your parents' house is gorgeous. What a beautiful place to vacation.

Amber M. said...

What an amazingly beautiful place!

And your last post cracked me up... the ketchup bottle is a near constant on my table for my 8-year-old. What does that say about me?? YIKES!