Friday, August 14, 2009

Snapshots from Jackson Hole, part I.

photo (5)
The Grand Tetons as viewed from my parents' driveway

Yesterday our family flew to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to visit my parents (the third day in a row I was on a plane!). I was quite apprehensive about flying with Vivian as she has been so agitated of late, but she did GREAT. We only had one incident with her when we were walking into the Jackson Hole airport and she attempted to kick my dad (but was thwarted by an alert Robert).

My creation
Journey to Jackson Hole: on the parking shuttle, in flight (Vivian is sleeping - yay!), deplaning at the most beautiful airport in the world!

My parents' house. There is a lot of construction going on as they are having the lower level refaced in stone. It is going to look great

This morning my mom, Hockey Boy, Dots and I went to the Mountain Artists Fair in town. We ran into my Aunt Judy (who lives out here part of the year like my parents do) and my cousin Andrea (who is visiting with her family from Austin) and enjoyed walking around the fair with them. Dots and I bought cute skirts (not matching - those days are long gone!), and I found some pretty pottery.

My creation
Mountain Artists Fair

My mom arranged for me to have a manicure and pedicure this afternoon (fabulous but no pictures!).

We had a bit of rain late in the day, but then it cleared up and Robert, Hockey Boy, Dots and my dad played football, Frisbee and whiffle ball outside.

Hockey Boy and Robert throwing the football in the backyard. In the middle is an old sheepwagon that my mom bought and had restored

A little father-daughter Frisbee

Robert at bat...

...with Hockey Boy pitching and my dad playing outfield

I thought the sky was cool in this picture

My kids love my mom's meals

Even Vivian is enjoying herself out here

Having a relaxing and fun time!


Christie said...

That looks so beautiful! I mean, wow!

Next time, could you take me along?

No, really.


Erin said...

Eloise... I am so happy that you are all there together, and that you are having such a peaceful fun vacation. The scenery is so beautiful! I love the sheep wagon in the backyard. My Grandpa was a sheep rancher, and I remember seeing those on the mountain. Vivian looks relaxed (at least in the photos--- hoping that she is feeling content) I admit to cracking up at the "attempted to kick Grandpa" part. You and Robert must have developed a very acute sense of impending trouble. Really, a PERFECT end-of-summer vacation. I wish we were there. Seriously. I really do.

Amber M. said...

That last picture of Vivian warms my heart! If she is enjoing herself, it means you can, too!

Your parents home is beautiful! I imagine it is a peaceful and warm and loving place to be. Enjoy your time there!

Sherrie said...

What a gorgeous view. Enjoy your getaway. It sounds heavenly. So glad the flight went well for Vivian.

Maggie said...

So glad your whole family (including Vivian) is enjoying your time in Jackson Hole. It's such a beautiful place and such a refreshing change of climate from Texas in August.

Hopsy said...

I am glad you all made it to your parent's! It is just stunningly beautiful Eloise!!

JMW said...

Wow, that looks like heaven on earth! Would love to make it to Jackson Hole one day. So glad to see your entire family enjoying themselves.

annechovie said...

Nice to stop by and catch up with you! Your folks place in Jackson Hole looks beautiful and it's obvious you all had a great time there!