Sunday, October 26, 2008



Hockey Boy's high school had its Homecoming dance last night. He invited a girl who was a friend from elementary school days. Hockey Boy picked her up and then they met eight other couples at another girl's house for pictures (parents gathered there briefly to ooh and ah and take photographs - for boy moms it's our one chance to see our sons with their dates). Then all eighteen of them boarded a bus and went to dinner at Maggiano's, then to the dance and then back to the picture-taking house for an afterparty. The moms provided food for the afterparty, and the kids swam, played basketball and visited until 12:30.



When he got home, Hockey Boy said briefly that it was fun. He was up early for a hockey game in Fort Worth (he slept in the car on the way over there), and he's been asleep most of the afternoon since the game. He scored the game-winning goal this morning, but otherwise I think all that dancing (ha!) wore him out.


Anonymous said...

what a great looking group of kids!

The Mrs. said...

That hockey boy is too cute! All the girls are gorgeous too!!!!

sallywrites said...

I'm glad that his date didn't wear black as well. The GF's very pretty. They both look lovely!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh hockey boy looks so handsome! Is it hard seeing them grow up?