Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hockey Boy sings!

Last year Hockey Boy needed to take a class to fulfill a Fine Arts credit. I talked him into taking choir by telling him that it wouldn't involve homework (kind of like how my mother talked me into being a math major by saying I wouldn't ever have to write a paper - which was true until I hit the thesis for my Masters!). I also told Hockey Boy about how his Daddyman and I both enjoyed singing in choir when we were in high school, a notion Hockey Boy found entirely perplexing.

As the year wore on, though, Hockey Boy seemed not to mind choir too much. At the spring concert, his choir wore jams, Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses and sang and *surfed* to a Beach Boys medley. I turned to Robert during the show and said, "If I didn't know better, I'd say Hockey Boy is enjoying himself up there."

Lo and behold, at the end of the year he announced his intention to try out for his school's elite show choir and he made it!

His choir sang the National Anthem before the football game Friday night, and it was beautiful.

The choir gathers before the game

Hockey Boy and his friends sing along to their Alma Mater

On the field singing the National Anthem. I think it is WAY cool seeing the football players, cheerleaders and drill team members in the choir

Tuesday night was their fall concert which was also very enjoyable. Ever the versatile guy, Hockey Boy did a quick change out of his tuxedo and hightailed it to a suburban hockey rink for a late game (which sadly was not quite as successful as the concert).

Hockey Boy is in the middle on the front row


Amber M. said...

Is there anything this boy can't do well? Awesome.

JoAnn said...

What a guy! Way to go.

Laura went to a small independent high school (only 180 kids in the entire Upper School) so everyone was expected to wear many hats. It makes the kids so much more well-rounded when they do not confine themselves to one type of activity.

Erin said...

He will surely look back on High School, and be grateful that he didn't limit himself to "cool" things! He makes choir cool! One of my boys went for choir too, and he loved it as well... after all.

Hopsy said...

You have raised a wonderful, all American boy! No wonder girl girls signed up to be his hockey girl!