Saturday, August 6, 2011

Disney redux.

My cousin Cathy, me and my sister Marian at Walt Disney World, c. 1971

Marian and me riding Autopia with our dad. I was the older, bossier one, so of course I'm driving

Marian, me and Cathy on the teacups with Uncle Frank


3 Peanuts said...

I adore these photos. You were a cutie pie back then too Eloise!!!!

Sorry to hear about Vivi's arm. Will keep her in my prayers.

melissabinmo said...

What cute pictures!

melissabinmo said...

I noticed you are reading Cutting for Stone. How do you like it? I read it last summer and thought it was a beautiful story.
I enjoyed it so much that I read one of his earlier books about the AIDS crisis in the 80's. Really enjoyed that one as well, but not sure it would be for everyone.

Hopsy said...

Vivian looks JUST like you as a child Eloise!!

Cassy said...

Great shots!
Everyone looks so happy.

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy