Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Funny Vivian story and update on her arm.


I took Vivian back to the orthopedist last week for follow-up on her arm. You might recall that at our last visit, Dr. Brown determined that Vivian did not dissolve internal stitches as designed but that instead her body "spit" them out, which was causing her incision to open in spots and was resulting in little pockets of infection up and down the incision. At our appointment last week Dr. Brown was satisfied that the antibiotics had taken care of the staph infection. He indicated that he thinks we can address any future flare ups that might result from remaining undissolved internal stitches with more antibiotics and thus more surgery is not necessary (hooray!). Dr. Brown also measured the range of motion in Vivian's elbow. He observed it going from 70 to 110 degrees. Not enough change to have warranted the surgery if we'd known in advance that would be all we would gain, but at least it's some improvement over the stuck-at-90-degrees Vivian had before.

A funny Vivian story: Vivian was perfect on the trip home from Jackson Hole last week. She got out of her stroller and onto the plane without incident and then slept for most of the flight back to Dallas. As we were exiting the plane, Vivian mowed right past an older Asian lady in the aisle (in Vivian's defense, the lady was just standing there blocking traffic for no apparent reason). I scolded her, "Vivian! You need to say, 'Excuse me, please.'". Instead Vivian called out, "Hey! You're in my way!". I am hopeful the lady didn't understand English, or Vivian's English anyway!

Vivian's first day at the high school yesterday seemed to go very well! Thanks for all of your kind words of encouragement. I hope this will be a good year for her.


Maggie said...

Love the Vivian in Wyoming pic! So glad her first day at high school went well.

Jessica Ryan said...

So glad to hear that no more surgeries are in your future and that school went well!

JMW said...

Great pic of Vivian! Believe me, there have been times I want to mow people over getting off the plane. Sheesh! Best of luck to Vivian, Dots and Will for a great school year. And to you and your hubby, too!

Unknown said...

I will read this to my kids one day...(if we still have the internet by then)
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