Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School!

Will, Dots and Robert before we left to take Will back to TCU

Lots to catch up on at Casa Weasel. We had a fabulous 10-day trip to Jackson Hole to see my parents, I have a cute Vivian story and a mini-update on her arm and we got Will moved into the fraternity house for his sophomore year at TCU. I promise to post on all of those things this week.

For now, though, time is short this morning so I will just post a couple of Back-to-School pictures. I hope everyone had a great summer! I also hope that the start of school means that the end of 100+ degree days in Dallas is nearing. Fall cannot come soon enough for me.

Vivian started high school today!

Vivian's bus driver is the same one she's had for the last ten years - quite a blessing as this sweet lady is wonderful with Vivian

Today, however, Vivian was quite happy and genuinely seemed so glad to be going to school that she climbed right onto the bus without incident - even kissed me goodbye!

Dots is in 8th grade this year - top of the heap at her middle school!

Dots (left) wasn't too keen on my coming inside to take her picture. She quickly met up with two friends to walk into the building, sans mom. She did not kiss my goodbye


Jan M said...

Looks like everyone is off to a great start! You must be enjoying a few hours in a quiet house. Now, if we could just get the temperatures to cooperate!

linda said... glad school started smoothly for everyone...your children are getting so grown up, and beautiful, always!
blessings from ny