Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Report on the Fourth.

Yikes! Here it is the 13th of July and I'm just now posting pictures from the 4th. Will had his wisdom teeth out last Thursday, and I've been playing nursemaid to him. Let's blame the delay on that!

We had a very nice, if low-key, Fourth of July. We had some neighbors over to cook out Sunday night, then went to our community parade Monday morning and to watch fireworks Monday night.

Dots made these patriotic cupcakes from scratch using Cooks Illustrated's cupcake recipe and Ina Garten's buttercream frosting recipe. She thought of dying part of the icing red and blue and piping them to make the design on top. They were as delicious as they were cute!

Vivian helped herself to two cupcakes! (Notice the white gauze wrap that has replaced Vivian's beloved pink "cactus." We covered her incision to keep her from messing with the steri-strips, and it has had the added benefit of making her think she still has a cast!

Casual dinner with neighbors the night before the Fourth

The girls, Tucker and me at the parade

A funny Vivian story: Dorothy and her friend Clare wanted me to take them to get snow cones on the Fourth of July. I asked Vivian if she would like to go with us or stay home with Daddyman and Will. She thought for a minute and then answered, "I want to go with us."

Robert took some video of the fireworks on his iPhone. Listen to the end for Vivian's opinion of the grand finale!

Hope you had a Happy Fourth of July!

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3 Peanuts said...

I love how she said...I want to go with us!!! SO cute. Those cupcakes look fabulous too. Dots is taking after you E!