Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dots on a mission. Of sorts.


Dots left this week for a mission trip to Colorado with a group from our church. They will spend a couple of days helping out with a homeless shelter in inner city Denver and then take part in some backpacking and whitewater rafting near Gunnison.

Her leaders have been posting some pictures and updates on Twitter.

Here some people are planting flowers.

While this group is picking up trash.

But where is Dots?

The only picture of her was taken at "Free Slurpee Day" at 7-11. Hmmm. I can almost promise you I know whose idea that was!


Henley on the Horn said...

Too cute! What a great way to spend part of her summer.

JoAnn said...

After the footage I saw on the national news tonight from Dallas, looks like she could do a mission real close to home! EGADS.