Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Disneyland pictures, part I.

Arriving at our hotel, the Marriott Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate. The hotel was about a ten-minute walk from the park entrance. We enjoyed having a suite with a kitchen, and breakfast was included each morning

First stop: Dumbo! Vivian loved the "magic feather" they give you when it's your turn

Vivian tried to give the magic feather to Dumbo so he could fly

Disney '11 004
Dots on Main Street USA

Fireworks over Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Disney '11 010
Dots on Main Street USA at night

Back at Disneyland early the next morning when we had early admission

First stop: the crazy busy Star Tours which just reopened mid-June. We loved this ride! (Some of us, anyway - you can see what Vivian thought of Star Tours. She balked at the last minute and wouldn't get on so Robert and I traded off waiting with her - Dots got to go twice in a row)

Back on Dumbo!

Vivian on Dumbo again - this was the morning she was so out of sorts

Robert and his girls on the Casey Jr Train

Robert and Vivian on the Casey Jr Train. Vivian kept repeating, "Just like on Dumbo"

Dots on the carousel in Fantasyland

Disney '11 015
Vivian liked riding the horse

Vivian gives Minnie a hug

It's a Small World

Disney '11 019
Vivian and me on It's a Small World

Vivian on the Disneyland Railroad. Who'd have guessed things were about to get ugly?!

Vivian threw herself out of her stroller and tried to get off the moving train. Nice!

Disney '11 025
The girls and me after we got Vivian settled down. She had a seizure not 20 minutes later, which was likely the cause of her earlier distress. She had another seizure an hour or so later after she and I got back to the hotel

Disney '11 026
Evening in Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure

Disney '11 036
The nighttime ElecTRONica show at Disney California Adventure. Will and Dots LOVED this


Jan M said...

Disneyland is magical! So glad your family had an enjoyable time, and thankful Vivian now remembers only the good things. Good luck on that laundry!

Maggie said...

Thanks for sharing the challenges as well as the fun of your family vacation. So sorry vivian has had these seizures.

JMW said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Sorry to hear that Vivian has some challenges along the way, but sounds like things came together well. Love the photo of you and Vivian looking at the sites from the ride. And Dots looks so grown up! Guess I need to start planning our own Disney trip, the kids have been asking. :)

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

I love the one of Vivian hugging Minnie Mouse...I love Dots expression...sheer joy!
Thats what dreams are made of - for sure!

Jane said...

Will have to get your full comments on the hotel as it turns out that's the exact hotel we'll be staying at in Sept. when we go to LA for the Horns' game against UCLA...and work in a few days at Disneyland ourselves. Thanks for posting all your photos and the info - I can't wait to get there!