Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I changed the privacy settings on my Flickr account tonight and realized too late that such action irrevocably changed the URL addresses on all of the pictures on my blog! Now a lovely "this picture is unavailable" message appears in the place of the pictures. I have to go back to each post and cut and paste the new URL for every picture. I am working backward and have made it through last November. I will finish one of these days and may be even eventually post something new! {sigh}


Kristin N. said...

E - What a drag and what a bunch of work to redo. You do have beautiful photos :)

Tami said...

ugh! That is a pain.
Have you ever used blurb to slurp your blog and have it printed?
It's nice to have a hard copy.

Jo said...

You poor thing ~ I did the very same thing and it was a pain going through each and every photo to re-post. I wish there had been a pop up warning stating such change would cause this effect.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Why, you just wiped out your entire vacation with a flick of the wrist!