Friday, April 15, 2011

Snapshots from Hawaii 2011, Part III.

Note to commenter lmk: Of course you may copy the picture of Vivian's hospital bed to use in your search for a bed for your daughter! I hope it helps. Keep me posted on what you find. That bed was a godsend for us when Vivian was in the hospital.


Vivian loved drinking an Oreo smoothie out of a pineapple cup (which she called a "porcupine")

Dots and her friend Maddie also liked Oreo smoothies in porcupines!

Vivian really enjoyed the fish in the lagoons around the hotel property

We would snag a few extra pieces of bread at breakfast each morning and feed them to the fish. Vivian was really good at tearing the bread into really small pieces to make it last longer

Dots and Maddie at afternoon Happy Hour

Vivian liked Happy Hour too

What's better than a fruity drink and some broccoli dipped in ketchup? Ha!

My friends Bettina and Michelle with me at Happy Hour

We abandoned our dinner plans when Vivian put on her Rudolph pajamas and climbed into bed when we went back to our room to watch the sunset

Robert, Dots and me at sunset

The next morning Vivian checked out the beach and ocean with her daddyman


I thought this little "snowman" on the beach was funny!

Though it took a little convincing to get Vivian into the pool, she had fun on the water slides

Bettina and me on the beach

Vivian loved washing her feet off at this shower. I bought this Aqua Jogger swim belt for Vivian before we left for Hawaii. It worked out really well for keeping her afloat in the water (She still required constant supervision, of course!)

Dots and her friends caught some rays

Robert relaxed by the pool with his book

And Vivian hung out in her stroller in her clothes (she wanted NO part of her swimsuit after she got out of the pool - I had to whisk her into a dressing room quickly before she disrobed in public!)

I met some friends at the Four Seasons next door for lunch

A fun couple of days for everyone, wouldn't you say?


melissabinmo said...

What a wonderful vacation! It must have been so nive to have Vivian join you. Still can't believe that hockey boy went to Florida with his friends!

Sherrie said...

Looks like another amazing vacation for you. I am so thrilled for you that you have the memories of Vivian being able to join you this year.

JMW said...

Looks amazing - would love to go to Hawaii some day. Do you still wish you were on "island time?" :)

lmk said...

Looks like fun!

I have a request...a huge request actually. We are looking for a bed for our seven year old autistic daughter and I recalled the bed Vivian used in ICU... the one with the sides. I'm certain it will cost us an arm and a leg...but, a night's sleep would be worth it. May I have permission to save a photo of the bed from your blog so that we might use it when speaking with vendors in our hunt?

Thank you!