Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal celebration.

Wedding Service

Did you set your alarm and get up early to watch the Royal Wedding yesterday? I sure did! Despite having stayed up past midnight to watch the Dallas Mavericks advance to the next round of the NBA playoffs, I did not even need my alarm as I could hardly sleep for my excitement about the wedding.


Dots was invited to a friend's house to watch the royal festivities. Her hostess gave each guest a t-shirt with a picture of the bride and groom on the back, and the girls enjoyed an early breakfast of tea and scones. Dots thought it was so much fun! Of course she and her friends are now plotting how they can meet and marry Price Harry...


After driving carpool, I attended a tape-delayed wedding-watching party at a friend's house. My friend had pulled out all the stops with her British food and decorations, and I had just as much fun viewing the grand event again with friends as I'd had observing it by myself in the dark hours of the morning.



The Royal Wedding certainly did not disappoint! I thought Kate's dress was exquisite - perfectly elegant and beautiful. Prince William looked so handsome in his regimental red jacket too. Westminster Abbey was a spectacular venue; I loved all of the beautiful carved wood and the intricate tile floors. I especially enjoyed the music and thought the hymn and anthem selections were lovely.


If you're also a fan of the royal wedding, you might enjoy the official website which has lots of pictures and details: The Royal Wedding. The British Monarchy also has a page on Flickr where they post lots of pictures: The British Monarchy

Bridesmaids and page boys
My favorite part of the whole wedding may have been the precious little pages. Love those red jackets and brass-buckled shoes! And look at the hemlines on those beautiful little bridesmaids dresses

Bridesmaids and page boys
Notice how the smallest bridesmaids have their flowers tied to their wrists. So sweet

Bridesmaids and page boys
I suspect the little blonde page has a lot of personality!

Prince William and Catherine Middleton
Kate's father was so dignified. I loved how glad Kate and William seemed to be with each other

Michael Middleton lifts Catherine's veil
I never noticed Kate's blusher being lifted during the TV coverage so it was nice to see this picture

If I were British (and I really think I should have been!), I'd have had my Will sing in this boy choir. He'd have loved the stiff collar, don't you think?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the 1902 State Landau carriage

Viewing the flypast
I thought it was so funny how the little bridesmaid covered her ears during the "flypast" (love those British terms)

The Official Royal Wedding photographs
"The Royal Wedding Group in the Throne Room" - I like how Camilla is holding her little granddaughter's hand in his picture

I adore pomp and pageantry and love all things formal and regal.

Well, almost all...

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice


bevy said...

I swear my youngest son's personality was channeled in the liitle blond page. Little William even looks like my J did at that age!

BTW, J called the boys' outfits "costumes" because "they don't really wear clothes like that all the time, Mom."

Kim said...

I enjoyed watching the congregation--and the BBC coverage had such good coverage of people arriving at Westminster Abbey. I particularly noticed that Mr. Middleton must be a good singer as he was singing "with gusto" everytime they showed him, as were some of the people behind him who I assume were family. I almost always enjoy the little moments in those big spectacles best!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I had a ball watching bits and pieces of it!

Ok..that last royal picture (where Camilla is holding hands with Grand daughter) where is Charles?? He isnt that short guy next to Camilla is he?

Looks like you all had a ball!

Dianne said...

Ha! Your last comment was so funny. I wondered what in the world they were thinking when selecting those hats! It reminded me of Cinderella and her stepsisters.
The whole affair was fantastic. So good for the world to come together and celebrate something lovely for a change. We need more of that. I say bring on the carriages and the horns and horsemen and of course the waving flags!!!

JMW said...

Wasn't it wonderful? I loved watching them - they are truly in love and it showed throughout the event. I also missed her father lifting her veil, so I'm glad to see a photo of it. Everything one looked so beautiful and dashing. The princess cousins have such potential - perhaps we can host a fashion intervention - royal style? :)

Tami said...

I loved everything about the wedding, it was perfect. That said, I am so jealous. You and Dots go to the best parties. It must be a Texas thing, y'all have the best parties for every occasion.

oh dear! Beatrix and Eugenie's outfits! They looked like they were going to a Dr. Suess movie premier.

Her Preppiness said...

Love those cookies