Monday, September 27, 2010

Quick getaway.

Setting out for breakfast in charming downtown Durango armed with my crossword puzzle and iPhone

Labor Day weekend Robert and I attended a wedding in Durango, Colorado. Because of the uncertainty regarding Vivian's situation, we couldn't commit to going in time to get flights there. We decided to drive with another couple and had such a great time! The four of us were very compatible and were able to take shifts during the 14-hour drive.

Robert texted this picture to Will and Dots, both of whom replied something along the lines of "You got Mom to hike?????"

We didn't have a lot of leisure time because our stay was so short, but the four of us took an enjoyable hike up a nearby mountain. The views were beautiful!


After the hike we cooled our feet in the Animas River behind our hotel

The wedding was in the late afternoon with the dinner reception following. We had such a good time that we stayed much later than we'd intended.

Unfortunately because I am short, I couldn't sneak a very good picture during the ceremony, but perhaps you can get an idea of the beautiful setting

The reception was in this tent near the wedding site. It was quite cool as soon as the sun went down, so the bride's mother had provided baskets of pashminas by the entrance for the guests to take

The flowers on the tables were exquisite

I enjoyed visiting with my old neighbors who were friends of the bride

The bride's cousin is also a neighbor of mine (she was a precious flower girl). When Josie saw me, she exclaimed, "It's Vivian's mom!"

The ring bearer walked the bride's dog, Yogi, down the aisle. Yogi enjoyed himself at the reception, making appearances on the dance floor and partaking of extra wedding cake

We left Durango Sunday morning and drove to Santa Fe. We walked around for a bit there and had some delicious New Mexican food for lunch.

Driving from Durango to Santa Fe we passed some beautiful scenery

Walking around the square in old Santa Fe

My Aunt Judy told me once that New Mexico had the bluest skies. It certainly seemed true this day

Enjoying some good food before hitting the road for Dallas. Our friend Andy (in the blue) was our designated driver from Santa Fe to Amarillo where we spent Sunday night

All in all a very fun weekend!


Her Preppiness said...

Sounds like fun!!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

I LOVE your blue dress.

Dianne said...

So glad you got a chance to go and felt good about Vivian while away. So, how was that hike? :)

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

Your blue dress was beautiful!
As a New Mexican Girl...I can tell your the sky over New Mexico is the prettiest blue you'll ever see! The air is so fresh and clean...and the food...don't even get me started talking about our Hatch Green Chiles!!
Glad you were able get away for a little Eloise and Robert time...much deserved after your very long summer.

Kay said...

Love Durango and Santa Fe! Could almost feel the coolness as I read your blog.