Friday, September 17, 2010

Overdue thanks.

Robert and I were touched and overwhelmed by the many expressions of love and support that we received during Vivian's ordeal this summer. I'm afraid that most people were not thanked properly because I operated in such a haze and was often scarcely aware of what was going on around me.

Several gestures that extraordinarily touched me came from friends that I know only through my blog or theirs.

Sweet Helen from Monograms and Manicures and Emily from Champagne and Cupcakes visited me in the hospital and brought this wonderful basket of goodies, all tied up in pink bows with Bible verses tucked in here and there

Close-up of the basket from Helen and Emily

They also made this darling banner that spelled out Vivian's name on Lilly paper. I hung the banner in Vivian's PICU room and it now adorns the doorway to her room at home

Jan from Bessie Mary sent this precious stuffed animal for Vivian. Vivian named him "Spot" and she loves him! In fact I could not get Vivian to loosen her grip on Spot enough for me to take a good picture of him

The Grove Gals from Pineapple Grove Gifts sent a delightful package with these fun gifts. My trusty blog brain failed me, however, and I neglected to take a picture of how cute everything was packaged. Dots also absconded with the darling Lilly pen before I remembered to take a picture. All of these cute gifts and more are available on the Grove Girls' web site

Jennifer from Biscuits are Never Boring found these adorable Lilly jeans at a shop near her home. She kindly remembered that Vivian loves Lilly jeans and that I have a hard time finding them in a big enough size (Lilly pants work great for Vivian because their waists have adjustable elastic which enables Vivian to manage dressing in them by herself).

Elizabeth from Lizzy Loves Lilly discovered a pair of Vivian's beloved strawberry pants on eBay and ordered them for her. Vivian wears her Lilly jeans no matter how hot it is in Texas!

My warmest, most sincere thanks to these blog friends as well as to each of you who prayed for Vivian, left me a kind comment or email words of encouragement. Your prayers and love sustained my family and me during a difficult summer. I appreciate you all so much!


Grove Gal K said...

We are just thrilled she is doing better!

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said... did the port removal go? I prayed specifically for the removal and that Vivian would not bother the area once it was removed....Let me know.
Like Grove Gals....we are so happy she is doing so much better!!
The only good thing that comes out of something like your personal relationship with the Lord. That is actually the Great part!

Henley on the Horn said...

I always touched by the love of fellow bloggers!

Sandra said...

What wonderful gestures! So glad things are so much better!! xoxo

Jo said...

What sweet ladies and such lovely gifts. You're loved around the world ;)

Have a wonderful weekend ~

lmk said...

What Sweet Ladies! Thank God, there are women like the "Grove Gals" in this world!

Jan M said...

You and Vivian have given many moments of joy and inspiration through this blog. It was a blessing to give back to both of you.
So very happy to hear the continued good reports of Vivian's progress.

The Mrs. said...

What wonderful bloggy friends!!!!