Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our first Parents Weekend.

Earlier this month Robert and I drove to Fort Worth for TCU Parents Weekend. We enjoyed seeing Will and meeting some of his new friends. He seems to be adjusting well to the college life!

Hmmm. Will's dorm room wasn't quite as neat as when we dropped him off

His desk was none too tidy either (note: what appears to be a pile of money on Will's xBox is a coupon book. I imagine its design caught the attention of many a college student!)

Will and me after dinner at a steakhouse in the historic Fort Worth stockyards

Saturday we had lunch at Will's fraternity house before the football game

Will outside of his fraternity (TCU fraternities have dorms rather than actual houses). My granddaddy belonged to the same fraternity at the University of Georgia back in the 30's!

Lots of fun tailgating around the stadium before the game

Some neighbors whose son is also a freshman at TCU invited us to join their tailgate party

View of the campus and the student section of the stadium during the TCU/Baylor game. TCU won 45-10!


Kim said...

Awww...such great pictures! How cool that your grandfather was a Delt, too. We are going to Ole Miss this weekend for the Kentucky game--Judson hasn't gone through rush yet, it's the following weekend. I guess they started having it later when girls would move out before school started if they didn't get the sorority they wanted (it makes a good story anyway!) They don't have Jeff's fraternity at Ole Miss, just like they didn't have mine at GT, so we'll have no legacies. We missed our last parents weekend at Tech on Saturday...our 6th! Wow, time flies, so enjoy every minute.

Jan M said...

I think that room looks like the typical boys' dorm, which is a great thing! It means he is just fine.
Wonderful photos of a special weekend!

Jo said...

Love it!
My son like to remind me that our tastes in *decor* are not the same :)
What a fun weekend ~ and such a handsome son!


Jo said...

Had to stop back to check your son's college ~ just wanted to make sure it wasn't the same that was highlighted in the news this evening ~ so sad.


bevy said...

Oh my... My boys' rooms are both pretty gross now at home. Can't even imagine what they'll be like in less than ten years when they are away at college!