Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

We welcomed 2010 with a celebration at the home of our good friends Wendy and Randy.

Wendy is the consummate hostess, and she assembled a wonderful mixture of families and children with many magical, festive touches. It was a fabulous way to kick off what I hope will be a wonderful year for all of us!

Wendy had treat bags for the kids to open each hour. The bags contained party horns, hats, streamers, glasses, etc. What a clever and fun way for the kids to mark the countdown!


Their garage was set up with crafts for the kids as well

We enjoyed a wonderful spread of Chinese food for dinner



Vivian had a great time upstairs in the playroom

Wendy asked the guests to bring baby pictures of themselves. We all had fun trying to guess who each one was

We celebrated the New Year on East Coast time. Just before the countdown Randy rolled out a swath of bubblewrap for the kids to jump on at "midnight"

Vivian didn't quite make it to the New Year, falling asleep in my lap sometime earlier, and even all of the popping and celebrating didn't wake her!



Mona said...

What a fabulous New Year's Eve celebration!

The Hayden Family said...

What a splendid evening! Love all the pictures! And the hostess sounds like she should write a book on entertaining!

fleur de lis cottage said...

What a great party for the adults and the kids!

Have a blessed 2010!!

CRICKET said...

Love the ideas from the chinese food to the goodie bags. I love it when children are included in festivities.

Rachel said...

Seems like such a fun New Year's party for everyone. Living in Michigan, its so hard to imagine being able to do crafts in the garage on New Year's! :)

Happy New Year to you!

Sherrie said...

Everyone looks so great in the photos. It looks like a fabulous way to ring in the new year! I hope 2010 is your best year yet.

bevy said...

What a wonderful evening for your family and friends. You and your husband are just too cute for words!

Here's to a magnificent 2010...

Henley on the Horn said...

What a SWEET celebration! I love it! Happy New Year!

Tami said...

Wow! Great hostess with great ideas. I love the family parties and she went out of her way to make it special for the kids.
You look very pretty and festive too.
Happy 2010 E!

Amber M. said...

What an amazing New Year's celebration! All the best to you and yours in 2010, Eloise.

And I'm sure you get told this all the time, but Dots is a beautiful girl...inside and out!!

Jenny said...

Love the idea of the little treat bags for the kids on the hour! Thanks for sharing! Many blessings to y'all in 2010!

JMW said...

What a great party! I love how they incorporated plenty of kids' activities, as well as time for the adults. We celebrated New Year's with our kids earlier in the evening, doing a countdown and then allowing them to bang pots and pans around the house. They thought that was quite fun. Happy New Year to you!