Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snapshots from Christmas 2009, part II.

Christmas morning 2009
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Santa has been here!

My 6-year-old nephews had everyone up at 6:00!

Their excitement was contagious to all except an 18-year-old boy who hadn't seen this time of day in quite some time

My brother, armed with his camcorder, documents Christmas morning for posterity

Vivian loves her new *phone* (iPod Touch) and her new copy of her favorite book,
Good Night, Gorilla

Will helps Vivian find a "Dora" video on her *phone*

My mom and I pose with our hot cups of wassail by the tree

Dots likes her new Juicy jacket

Robert and my mom check out the elk in our backyard Christmas morning (one is visible through the door) ***See this post for pictures of the elk***

Matt & Mary Grace play with her new microphone and vacuum cleaner

Will contemplates whether any gift justifies being up at this hour

My sister-in-law Megan and my nephew Jed. Is there anything better than Christmas when you're six?

Vivian LOVED the Zhu Zhu pets that Santa brought Mary Grace

And Mary Grace liked Vivian's phone!

My mom fixed a wonderful beef tenderloin for Christmas dinner (bottles of wine only containers acceptable on the table)

Hope your Christmas was merry too!


JMW said...

What a lovely Christmas! And in the most amazing setting! "Goodnight Gorilla" is such a great book.

Megan said...

You've pretty much made me obsessed with Jackson Hole now! The cabin looks wonderful! Out of curiosity, is it a family home or did you rent it?

Rachel said...

What a great Christmas. Your parents house is gorgeous - the views must be just amazing!

I love the microphone that your niece got. I got Lily a microphone, but its not nearly as cool looking as that one!

Thanks for sharing!

Henley on the Horn said...

Thank you for sharing the pics!!

Sherrie said...

What a gorgeous home your parents have. I love seeing photos of it. You got some great photos of Vivian. What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. Your parents must have loved having you all there!

bevy said...

Love your Christmas... all about family! My boys LOVED "Goodnight Gorilla". And my mother even gave my cousin, who is expecting, our old worn-out copy for her new baby. What a classic!