Saturday, March 7, 2009

The other hockey player.

Vivian dislikes few things as much as her brother's hockey games. She screams and fusses, "It's too loud! It's too cold!" if we even so much as mention going to the rink.

We all laughed, therefore, when Vivian's teacher sent these pictures with this note:

Vivian did not want to participate in P.E. today. She sat on the ground and said 'no thanks.' Coach S put a ball next to her. A few minutes later Coach S asked Vivian to give her the ball. These baby steps continued until Vivian was standing with a hockey stick in hand banging away. She laughed each time Coach had to chase balls that she hit. I thought her brother would get a kick out of seeing Vivian play hockey!"



(Notice Vivian's *special pillow* near the wall. She must have brought it along in hopes that they might let her nap instead of participate in P.E.!)


Kate said...

So cute...this story made me smile...and how nice of Vivian's teacher to share this story with you!!! I bet her brother did get a kick out of it!!!

Hope you are having a nice weekend!!

JoAnn said...

I am chuckling too! What great teachers she has.


Hopsy said...

What a sweet story! It put a huge smile on my face as I know it did yours' as well!

Maggie said...

Lovely story! Vivian's truly blessed with a wonderful school environment ... and your whole family is blessed, too.

Unknown said...

I'm with Miss Vivian with the pillow. Naps are always better. I don't blame her in the least for the fits about the hockey rink. They ARE cold and the parents are ALWAYS too loud! (not me of course, ha)

3 Peanuts said...

Oh that is so funny!

sallywrites said...

What a brilliant coach. Well done him... He might have inspired her hopefully for next time.

Funny about the pillow!! :)

Mary Alice said... isn't as cold in the gym!