Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Field trip.


Last week I accompanied Dots's class to The Museum of Nature and Science for a field trip. I jumped at the chance to sign up knowing that the days of a) field trips and b) children of mine willing and even desiring to be seen with me at a school function are dwindling. Quickly.

In my enthusiasm to volunteer, however, I neglected to ask what we would be DOING at the science museum. I envisioned touring exhibits and taking in an IMAX movie. We did partake of both of those activities, and they were quite fun. A large chunk of our time, however, was spent in a lab dissecting a cow's eye. Yuck. I managed to keep my distance, using the greatest possible amount of zoom to even take a picture, but just the smell of formaldehyde permeating the room set my nerves on edge. (Much as I admire nurses, especially my friends Robyn and Alexis, I am far too squeamish to last a day in their profession.)

Dots cutting fat from around the cow's eye. Who knew that cows' eyes had fat? And how does a creature who only eats grass get fat anyway?

Dots and her friend Grace exploring the parts of the cow's eye. Clearly I failed to notice how close I was to the other pair's eyeball (at the bottom of the picture)!

The hands-on exhibits at the museum were more up my alley. The kids seemed to enjoy them too.




I could have stared at this machine for hours, watching the balls roll along the tracks, up conveyor belts, down chutes, etc. I think I'm easily amused these days

The IMAX movie was great, too. It focused on coral reefs and featured music by Crosby, Stills and Nash. The underwater images were spectacular. What a great extension of our recent submarine ride!

Coral Reef

We ate lunch in this atrium overlooking Fair Park and the Cotton Bowl

Dots seemed to be pleased to have me along on the excursion. Hopefully that wasn't just because I was available to lend her some money for the gift shop...


Anonymous said...

You are far braver than I am - cows eyeballs? I don't even know where to start with that.

Hopefully the IMax movie with the musical stylings of Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young made up for it!!

Tami said...

When I taught junior high, dissecting cows' eyes was standard as was dissecting a fetal pig. One year I had a student who was tough, she hung with the guys and was sassy.
Came time for the cow eyes and through her sobs she told me she just could not do it. It was looking at her and she felt too badly about the cow. She had to leave the room!
Looks like a fun field trip!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Meredith has that same lime green Burger House t-shirt!

I remember that field trip too - doesn't it have a room with butterflies? Maybe I'm mixing them up. Old age and all. ;-)