Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vivian plays Santa.


Vivian's teacher just sent me these sweet pictures of Vivian delivering her Christmas gifts at school last month. I didn't know I'd be posting about them so I neglected to take a picture of the gifts, but they were some cute Christmas votives that I bought at Belle Cose, a wonderful home decor and kitchen store in Jackson Hole. As you'll see, Vivian has a LOT of teachers so I shop ahead for gifts at Belle Cose's fabulous day-after-Christmas sale every year. I also include a gift card for her main teacher and her two aides.

I have tremendous admiration and gratitude for these wonderful people who work with Vivian (and indeed for all people who elect to work with students who have special needs).

Image 1
Vivian delivers her first gifts to the principal and his assistant (Notice the reindeer gift tag. Vivian LOVES Rudolph; indeed she sees no reason to limit his movie or clothing featuring the famous red-nosed reindeer to the month of December)

Image 2
These nurses know Vivian well as they administer her seizure medication at noon every day. They refer to Vivian as their "triage assistant" because she checks on everyone else who's in the clinic that day to see if anyone needs a Band-Aid and to ask if they're okay

Image 3 Image 7
Image 8
Miss Misty, Miss Shamela and Mr. Carl work with Vivian in the Living Skills room

Image 4
"Ms. B" is Vivian's lead teacher. She is wonderful - so patient and creative in developing new ways to teach and motivate Vivian

Image 5
Miss Ruby is one of Vivian's aides - she has a kind heart and quiet, gentle manner

Image 6 Image 9
Image 10
Mrs. Kemp is truly an angel on Earth. She has worked with Vivian since preschool. Her husband, whom we love dearly as well, was Vivian's aide in middle school

Vivian could not deliver presents in person to her PE and Art teachers because it was finals week at her high school, but as you can tell, Vivian is blessed with many wonderful people who care for her and teach her every day!

Image 11


Preppy Empty Nester said...

What darling pictures to treasure.

linda said...

Beautiful pictures....

Paige McDaniel said...

So sweet and I loved seeing the photos of all the people who help Vivian each day!

Jane said...

How wonderful is this and I'm sure a lovely experience for all involved!

JoAnn said...

wonderful post!