Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1962: It was a very good year, part II.


Last month my husband Robert and his twin brother, Charles, turned 50!

My friend Kim had written a post on her blog, 3 Peanuts, about the 50th birthday party she had thrown for her husband where she'd hired a taco truck. I thought that sounded like such a fun idea for party, so I pitched the concept to my sister-in-law and we planned a similar event for our husbands!

Our weather in Dallas was unseasonably warm in early December, which I usually don't like at all for Christmastime, but for our party it was fabulous. Our guests were able to eat and mingle outside, and it really made for a fun time.

The taco truck was a HUGE hit. So many people commented on what a great idea that was (thanks, Kim!), and the food was delicious. The truck offered seven different varieties of tacos from steak, shrimp, chicken and brisket to veggie. We also had a margarita machine in addition to Cokes and beer.

We had a great turnout of friends and family, and Robert and Charles seemed to really enjoy the party. I think it made the idea of turning 50 a lot more palatable!

The taco truck pulled into our backyard and set up on our driveway

Tacos were made to order as the guests selected the ones they wanted

Looking back toward our house. The margarita machine was behind the ferns on our back porch. Coolers with the other drinks were on the left hand side of the porch

We set up tables in our carport and on the driveway. Here Dots enjoys her tacos while visiting with her cousins Owen and Hollis

Robert strung lights across our driveway which added to the festive atmosphere

Charles and Robert with their longtime friend and fraternity brother David and his wife Kelly

Me with our friends Reid, Andy and Ann

Tacos - yum!

My parents drove in for the party. Here my mom visits with my friends Marty and Russ. Notice the darling centerpieces that my sister-in-law Patti made! She decoupaged old pictures all over white boxes and then placed a plant with some black tissue paper inside

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Robert and Charles

Close-up of Robert's cake. I ordered the cakes from Society Bakery (one was red velvet and one was spice). They were so good!

The birthday boys with their proud mother

Our house decorated for the big birthday (and Christmas)


Tami said...

Best party idea! Happy Birthday to the guys. It looks like everyone had a great time.
I'm trying to think of a reason for a party so a taco truck can come to my house. :)

Monet said...

What an amazing and fun birthday! So many happy faces (and some delicious fun too!) I want a taco truck for my birthday next year!