Friday, July 6, 2012

Road Trip 2012, part I.

With goals of retrieving Dots from camp in North Carolina and attending a wedding in South Georgia, Vivian and I set out bright and early on her 18th birthday (I should clarify that to say those were my goals; I think Vivian got into the car hoping I would take her to McDonald's).

Robert and I tried to get Vivian to open her presents (or even one present) that morning, but she refused saying, "It is not my birthday anymore."

First of many fabulous pictures of state line signs taken while driving and not looking at the camera

Why, it's the Mississippi River! The Mighty Mississipp


We stopped in Jackson, Mississippi for lunch with my good friend Cynthia (sadly I neglected to take a picture) before driving on to Birmingham to spend the night with my friend Anne-Murray.

Making progress

Anne-Murray had bought a little cake for Vivian. At first Vivian balked when we tried to show it to her, but several hours later she asked, "May I count the candles?" and then she let us sing to her. Amazing!

Saturday afternoon Vivian and I drove to North Carolina. I completely dropped the ball and took no pictures of either the Georgia or North Carolina borders. But I drove safely at least!

Vivian at dinner at the Cornucopia Restaurant in Cashiers, NC

Picking up Dorothy at camp Sunday morning. This is the view from her cabin. Nice!

Dorothy was much more interested in saying goodbye to her camp counselors and friends than she was in greeting Vivian and me

Camp as viewed from the driveway (Notice the uptick in picture quality. Hooray! I now have a photography assistant to take pictures for me while I'm driving)

Dorothy and her friend Cleary Gray at a pretty overlook on our drive to Atlanta

This is what Vivian thought of the pretty overlook...

We spent three nights in Atlanta where I was able to visit with a lot of family and friends in addition to doing a little shopping and sightseeing. I especially enjoyed catching up with some old friends from high school, several of whom I hadn't seen in 30+ years.

Dinner at my high school friend Nancy's house. Nancy has a beautiful backyard and a fabulous porch where Vivian and I enjoyed a nice dinner with her and her daughter Susan

My girls at the World of Coca-Cola Monday afternoon

Dots with one of her many samples in the tasting room

Vivian quickly lost patience with the World of Coke but was placated (momentarily anyway) with some Sprite

Dorothy's favorite band, One Direction, was in town, and we happened upon their bus leaving the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead. Screaming girls lined the sidewalks!

A camp friend invited Dots to the One Direction concert. She had a fabulous time

Me with my church youth group friend, Judith

To be continued...


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