Sunday, July 15, 2012

Road Trip 2012, part III.


Sunday morning the girls and I left Thomasville and began our drive home. We stopped overnight in New Orleans and had a great visit with Will's girlfriend, Page, and her mom, Mary Stewart. Mary Stewart and I were classmates and friends in college, and we arranged for Will and Page to meet after we learned they were both students at TCU. Mary Stewart and Page are native New Orleanians and were wonderful tour guides for their charming, historical city.

Outlining the driveway behind our hotel were these poles topped with horse heads. Vivian was very distressed that there was an extra pole sans a horse. She kept repeating, "Where can the other horse be? We need to find the other horse. He needs to go back with the other horses!" This worked out well for getting Vivian in and out of places in New Orleans (i.e., "Vivian, let's see if the horse is in Page's house" when she initially refused to get out of the car)

Page and Dots at Hansen's Sno Bliz. We had the most fantastic "snoballs" there: mine was nectar-flavored with sweetened condensed milk - it was like eating really tasty, light, fluffy snow!

HansensSno nectarsnoball
I found these pictures on the internet as I must have been too immersed in my delicious snoball to remember to take any myself

I would definitely eat way too much if I lived in New Orleans because they have so much wonderful food. Sunday night we enjoyed a fabulous dinner with Mary Stewart and Page at La Crepe Nanou

Dots and Page in Jackson Square

What would a visit to New Orleans be without a stop at Café du Monde?

Vivian LOVED her beignet! (And her stroller may very well have traces of powdered sugar for the rest of its life)

My girls in the French Quarter

We left New Orleans just after noon on Monday and arrived back in Dallas around 9:00 that night. Ten nights, seven states, one wedding, many visits with friends and family, and almost 2500 miles: a fabulous trip!




Kate said...

So fun to hear about your trip! My BIL attended Tulane Medical School...and my sister lived in NO for a few years...I love that town...and mostly Cafe Du Monde!

Thanks for sharing!

3 Peanuts said...

Sounds like a great trip. Page looks a little like Dots. They could be sisters!!! I too love all the food in New Orleans.

linda said...

Fantastic- looks like you al had a great time!!!!