Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cooking Club Gadget Exchange.

My friend JoAnn asked for details on my Cooking Club's gadget exchange at our Christmas gathering. Naturally I should have posted on that right away because my feeble mind can now only remember what I brought and what I took home. {sigh}


I brought this salad emulsifier this year. I received one like it at our exchange last year and have loved it! It works really well and is quite therapeutic - lol. You pull the trigger and the plastic corkscrew spins around to blend the dressing. It's handy because you can store extra dressing in it and it has a spout.

This sleek expandable trivet was what I received this year. I don't have any decent-looking trivets so I have tended to use my really lovely potholders under hot dishes. This is a big improvement!

This wasn't from our gadget exchange, but I bought this can opener this fall and have LOVED it. It is very easy to use (even though it is manual, the dial turns easily) and it uncrimps the top of the can rather than cuts it so there are no sharp edges.

I had not bought a new garlic press in a really long time. I did not quite realize how decrepit my old one was until I started using this one. It works so well and is super easy to clean up.

Even more time had passed since I had bought a new box grater. The one I had dated back to my graduation from college some 25 years ago! My new one is notable for its lack of rust and its handy detachable measuring cup. I use it for making egg and olive and for grating cheese.

One last gadget that I love and use often: my immersion blender. It works great for blending soups and is so much easier and safer than pouring hot soup into a blender in batches.

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