Sunday, December 11, 2011

My favorite sandwich: Egg & Olive.


When my sister and I were growing up, our mother often made egg and olive sandwiches for us, and we loved them. I assumed everyone grew up up eating egg and olive, but I found that most people in Texas have never even heard of such a thing; many are familiar with egg salad, but that doesn't always have olives.

I googled "egg and olive" and found an article from the "Southern Foodie" in the Birmingham paper who claims that, "You can't be a Southerner unless you at least know someone who makes themselves an egg-and-olive sandwich." So, this recipe must be an Old South creation hearkening back to our family's roots in South Georgia.

Every Monday my bridge partner, Leslie, and I play in a duplicate game at a local club. Our arrangement is that she drives and I fix our lunch. I started out making egg and olive often because it was a given that I had the ingredients on hand. After Leslie raved so about this sandwich, it became our standard Monday lunch.

As you can tell from the recipe, it is not hard and not exact! But it sure is good.


Egg and Olive

2 hard-boiled eggs, grated
scant tablespoon light mayonnaise (just enough for eggs to be a cohesive mixture)
4-5 olives, chopped finely
sprinkle of seasoned salt
2 slices of toasted bread

Stir together egg, olives and mayonnaise. Season to taste. Spread over toasted bread and serve.



JoAnn said...

Anything is good with olives! This sounds yummy.

I have never heard of grating hard-boiled eggs. We use an egg slicer, twice, (once in each direction) so the eggs are finely chopped, then we mash them as we stir in the mayo.

linda said...

mmmmm looks delicious. I'm trying that tomorrow!

Ellen Kerr said...

I never heard of that but I am going to try that because I think I can eat that. I love eggs and I love olives!

Amber M. said...

DELISH! I LOVE the South!

Marian said...

Sadly I have not been able to convince either of my children on the deliciousness of egg & olive!

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Susan at said...

Eloise, I have never heard of this and I am from the South. I grew up with Pimento Cheese. I love olives and Egg Salad so I know I would love this. I can't wait to try!

Have a blessed Christmas with your family!