Saturday, June 12, 2010

Road trip.

For some crazy reason I decided to drive Dots to camp in North Carolina this year rather than fly. I made this decision never minding that my disdain for riding in a car long distances was outpaced only by my abhorrence for driving a car long distances and completely disregarding the fact that Vivian, with her aversion to new places, would be with me.

To my surprise and delight, the journey (aside from one unfortunate incident that I will detail tomorrow) was quite pleasant and passed quickly.

Vivian was an ANGEL. Despite frequent requests that began about 30 minutes outside Dallas to "take me home," Vivian was very content in the car and entertained herself with her *phone* (iPod Touch), her books and her crayons. Though she often fusses when we go to a restaurant, Vivian was so happy to get out of the car for a bit that she went along quite contentedly.
Dots, in anticipation of being technology-free for the next three weeks, was perfectly happy texting with her friends and watching episodes of Glee on her iPod (though she was quite distressed that the season finale would air after she was at camp!). I hooked my iPod to my car stereo and listened to the audiobook of The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton which really helped to pass the time enjoyably. Best of all, though, about two-thirds of the way to North Carolina, we stopped in Birmingham and picked up my good friend Anne-Murray and her girls, Lauren and Eloise (who is named for me and calls me "The Other Eloise"), and they rode with us to camp and back. It was an extraordinarily rare opportunity for Anne-Murray and me to talk and catch up, and the time spent in the car with her melted away in a stream of conversation and laughter.

I drove 2000 miles through seven states in four days, certainly a new record for me. In spite of the fact that I enjoyed the journey, though, I can't say I'm not excited that Dots is flying home at the end of camp!

Eloise, Dots and Vivian at dinner. Vivian wanted to wear her Rudolph pajamas to the restaurant; I pushed for clothes. We settled on pajamas over clothes {sigh}

Me with my sweet friend Anne-Murray (please excuse my "I've been driving for two days and I spent last night in an ER" look). Oops! Looks like Vivian is escaping in the background

Dots and Eloise eating breakfast at Anne-Murray's. The beautiful hydrangeas came from Anne-Murray's yard

Lauren and Vivian (with Vivian's doll Sarah and her Dora pillow, also faithful companions on our trip)

In the car ready to head for North Carolina!

We stopped in Athens, Georgia where Anne-Murray's son Graham is about to start at UGA Law School in the fall. Graham works at an old-fashioned soda fountain in a pharmacy and fixed us a delicious lunch of grilled cheese and milkshakes

I was amused (Anne-Murray was slightly horrified!) at the house where Graham is living with six other guys this summer. It sits between a liquor store and a body shop on a busy street and features several discarded sofas and other pieces of furniture in the front yard

It was raining when we arrived at Dots's camp so I didn't get many pictures. Here she is, though, in front of her cabin. I lived in the same cabin when I attended this camp 33 years ago

View from Dots's cabin

Looking back at camp from the road. Dots's cabin is the last on the left

One last view of camp. Have fun, Dots!


Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Oh how fun!!! That is so cool that she is staying in the same cabin as you, what fun memories!! Happy weekend! xox

Kim said...

Looks like a great road trip and LOL at the college boys' house in Athens. I swear, they really enjoy living in such disreputable circumstances, don't you think?

Jo said...

Now that's a serious road trip! How fun that you and your daughter will share the same memories.


JoAnn said...

Can't wait for the next installment.

I share your aversion to riding in a car/driving long distances. You did well, though.

Have you vacuumed the car yet? I know if that had been my family, there would have been lots of crumbs!

maryelizabethroche said...

What a fun road trip (except for the driving part)!!!
You don't look road-weary at all!


Yellow House Knits said...

What a fun road trip! I love the pictures of camp--they take me right back to the camp I used to go to in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. Such wonderful memories! Hope she has a great time!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Have a ball Dots! What a Ninja Mama you have. Now tell us about the emergency room...K?

Jan M said...

How sweet that Dots is staying in the same cabin you once did!
Our car used to be on auto pilot for those drives to North Carolina when our son was at Wake. I loved them, and now miss them so very much. So glad you had such special passengers!

Maggie said...

What a fun time (despite the bumps, literal and otherwise) in the road. Hope Dots has a wonderful time at camp.

3 Peanuts said...

That camp looks heavenly and aside from the awful reaction, the trip sounds wonderful too.